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Mail2Cloud combines the power of popular cloud storage with your email, creating an unparalleled email experience and expanding your cloud’s possibilities.

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Archiving & Collaboration

Whether for regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GLBA, etc) or team collaboration, the cloud is the easiest and best place to save and share your critical emails.

  • Clean up your Inbox and take advantage of your large cloud storage quota for archiving;
  • Share emails securely and conveniently from the cloud;
  • Sync emails from your Inbox like you do files from your computer.
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Fusion: Tracking, Control & Management for Attachments

Incorporate cloud technology into your email for unparalleled attachment management, secure message delivery and powerful tracking.

  • Automatically track every attachment;
  • Compliant & Secure delivery of files with your existing email from any device and without cumbersome client portals!
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