mxHero is a technology start-up based in San Francisco founded by veteran email technologists with a track record of designing software solutions that improve how email functions for hosted service providers, end users, and businesses of all sizes.

mxHero’s powerful app platform empowers businesses to easily add security, efficiency, and detailed reporting from any major e-mail system.

Founding and Vision

mxHero is founded and led by Alex Panagides, a former consultant to the World Bank in Brazil and an early email pioneer. As the internet took off in the mid-1990s, Alex started a major email technology provider that grew to serve government agencies, telecom providers and multi-nationals among others. With the web still in its infancy, these clients were already supporting 100,000 individual email accounts and serving upwards of a million emails per day.

Today, companies are facing new issues with email – increased volume and size, lower productivity, virus and security threats, global accessibility- the list goes on. mxHero is constantly innovating to meet these challenges head-on.

That means enabling companies to oversee, analyze, and control email flow. mxHero seeks to tap into the wealth of information that flows through this medium, and provide an open -source platform for developers to offer innovation in this space.

Alex and his team have worked together for a decade- bringing constant improvement to this thought-to-be-mature technology. mxHero is registered in the state of Delaware and the company is privately funded and backed by angel and institutional investors.