5 reasons to download the Box iPad & iPhone apps...


If you’re an Apple user and have ever wished you could access your files in the cloud while you’re out with friends or sitting at the coffee shop, you should download the Box app for your iPad or iPhone. 

The innovative app gives you full access to your files and photos stored in the cloud from virtually any location. With the help of Fusion from mail2Cloud, you can even make it a part of your mobile email experience, increasing your productivity and improving your file management and sharing. If you're still not convinced, here are 5 reasons you should download the Box app today.

Benefits of the Box iPad and iPhone apps

1.) Edit files in real time

You can view, share and work on over 200 file types in real time using the Box app. If the file is shared with other users, they can watch your changes be made as you make them and comment or make additions themselves.

2.) Mobilize your business and increase productivity for employees 

Nearly 60 percent of employees report that they access work outside of the office. Box makes it easy for employees to bring their work with them, providing secure access from basically any place that isn't in a cave or underground. 

That means that on-site managers can check on plans and provide comments quickly. Contracts can be sent before even leaving the meeting. Using Box as a mobile work station just makes sense in today’s technology-based economy.

3.) 10 GB of free storage

With 10 GB of free cloud storage, you can back up lots of your docs, photos and videos. Box supports file types such as PDFs, Word, Excel, AI and PowerPoint presentations. Best of all there is offline access to your files for when finding wifi is too difficult.

4.) Built-in security features 

You know that security is vital when it comes to business information. Box makes it easy to maintain control of your data with innovative tools that let you track usage and manage who has access to the files from within the Box admin console. If your device is lost or stolen, you can set up a passcode lock and active the remote logout feature. This is also helpful for controlling access to files by exiting employees.

5.) Customization

It’s easy to customize your Box mobile experience to fit your business. There are several mobile partner apps that help add functionality to the app (such as mail2Cloud’s Fusion) or you can use the developer tools to build your own apps on top of Box. With unlimited customization options, you’ll have no trouble making Box into the exact tool your business needs.

Download the Box app today and install mail2Cloud Fusion to discover how the versatile app can help your business reach new heights. With so many ways to customize the app, its uses for your business are virtually unlimited..