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Mail2Cloud as an easy to use cloud email archiving solution

One great benefit to using FUSION is that it will automatically enable every one of your employees to track every email they send and get real-time insights about what's happening to their email communications after they hit send...

Track everything... when and where specific emails are opened, who clicks which links, and who's downloading the attachments they send.

You can start using this incredibly simple cloud email storage tool today by visiting the Google Apps Marketplace, installing our app for Outlook, or contacting us for other email providers.


After installing the app, log into your email provider which will now be configured for Archive & Share. Upon accessing your archive folders, you'll notice there is one folder per archived emailer. 

When you enter an emailer's folder, you'll see that there's one folder per sender/recipient "peer" of the emailer. These are the people that have received emails and attachments.

From here you can click on the "peer" and view individual folders per email exchange between the user and peer.  Inside these folders is the original email message, a PDF copy of the message, and any attached email file that was sent. Clicking on any of these files opens up a preview of the email or attachment, including any links and images associated with them. You can easily scroll through files by moving your cursor over to the right.

Here's where it gets interesting - all of these files are indexed on your cloud storage service, meaning you can search by keyword and view files tucked away inside user and peer folders! Results for your keyword searches are returned instantly. 

Use Archive & Share for:

-Group specific archives like Sales Teams
-Compliant archiving (SEC 204-2, HIPPA)
-Email auditing


Our email has become more than just a communications tool that sends and receives messages. But unfortunately for us, because of the way it was built, it's not able to keep up with our modern day-to-day business needs. 

We use email all the time for file storage, sharing business proposals/documents, and working with our clients and customers. But file storage and attachment management aren't something email was meant to solve. This is where the convergence of email + cloud storage becomes a must have for your company. 

Archive & Share saves time, energy and money with easy to use attachment and email messaging management. No more sifting through long email threads, looking for paper clips and hoping you've downloaded the latest version of an important attachment. 

Get in touch with us below for more 

details, group pricing, and try out our app for individual use.