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4 Ways Cloud Email Attachment Tracking Will Help Your Company's Workflow

Cloud email attachment tracking is the solution to the one constant question you have after sending an important email loaded with files the recipient really needs to see:

"Did they view the attachments I just sent them?"

When email was created, no one was thinking about how its attachment management capabilities could hinder important business conversations or transactions. 

mail2Cloud integrates cloud technology with email so you can not only track recipient interaction with your email, but also ensure they're getting the latest version of each attachment. 

Here are four ways email attachment tracking can improve your company and personal email productivity.

Top 4 Ways Email Attachment Tracking Will Change the Way You Work

4. Faster follow-ups, faster conversations: The minute you see that someone has clicked on and downloaded the attachment you sent them, you can ping them for their thoughts and feedback. This brings the saying perfect timing to a whole new level. Any time you send a colleague an important email, you probably give them 24 hours to get back to you before you start wondering if you should send a reminder. 

If it just so happens they read, downloaded and clicked on your attachments immediately, you can follow up hours, even days faster than usual.

3. A company wide meeting starts in two hours and it's important every employee under your watch downloaded, read and is prepared to answer questions about the new sales strategy you're implementing. Based on email attachment tracking, you know two of them haven't. It's probably time for an in-person chat - a chat which could save everyone on the team a lot of embarrassment. 

Of course, this scenario can apply to any manager handling any area of their company. Be confident your team is on the same page with email attachment tracking. 

2. You just sent important legal documents as attachments in an email to someone not in your company or network. How do you know? Because you use attachment tracking and just received a read receipt that a completely unrecognizable email address has downloaded your files. 

With our attachment tracking tools, you'll not only know there's a problem, but you can solve it by revoking attachment access after an email has been sent. Check out the screenshot below.

1. Know for sure that after sending your email, the changes to attachments you've made are seen by the recipient. What good is an attachment if it has pages and pages of incorrect information? All the effort and collaboration with your client or colleagues may not be visible to recipients if they're accessing older versions of email attachments. This is something that happens all the time because of how dysfunctional email organization can be. 

With mail2Cloud, the latest version of an attachment sits at the top of a person's unique email folder. The efficiency difference between this simple solution and sifting through a 47 message email thread looking for paper clips is immeasurable - just another reason we're confident the cloud is your email attachment management solution.

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