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The Modern Solution for Email Security You Already Have

Alexis Panagides - July 18, 2017
A powerful solution to email's security woes lays readily at hand

Modern cloud storage is an emerging panacea for the long standing email security and governance challenge

As organizations across the world reel from a global cyber-security attacks. We are reminded of how reliant and vulnerable we are on our digital tools. One of the most significant vulnerabilities continues to be our workhorse - email. Ubiquitously adopted and immensely convenient, it is also nearly completely unprotected. Built decades ago at a time when the Internet was far more innocent, email lacks even basic securities that are commonplace in applications today. Once an email server or email account is breached, every message and their attached files are up for grabs - people are fired, company’s sued, political history changes course.

Existing solutions aren't working

Attempts to solve the email security problem by securing the content within the email itself with encryption, hasn't worked well given email encryption solutions are cumbersome for either the sender or recipient and thus rarely used.

Because no definitive solution for securing email has presented itself over the last couple decades, the next best approach is to get content out of email. Here cloud storage offers a powerful alternative. Instead of attaching files to unprotected email, with cloud storage users can send secure links to files through email, completely avoiding the exposure of standard attachments, and still using the convenience of the email medium.

Looking up

What if instead of trying to make email content more secure, which the last several decades has been unable to do, we change strategy and simply get the content out of email? What if we were able to do so in the least disruptive way possible? Solutions like mxHero provide a way in which the email experience continues nearly unchanged and the replacement of attachments with secure cloud storage is done automatically for the user. This type of approach not only ensures that content sent through email is secured but also extends the governance and productivity advantages of cloud content management to email. Furthermore, systems like Mail2Cloud can ensure that content security is appropriate for the type of content and participants communicating. For example, an email sent within the company can have attachments auto-replaced with cloud storage links set to internal access only. In this way a lost mobile device, hacked laptop or inadvertent forward will not expose sensitive files.

"...Solutions like mxHero provide a way in which the email experience continues nearly unchanged and the replacement of attachments with secure cloud storage is done automatically for the user."

Having the best of both worlds

Email is a fundamental tool of our lives. It is easily understood, convenient and effective. But email is archaic by internet standards, ill suited for the security needs of a world increasingly digital. But all hope is not lost. By judicious integration of modern technologies we just may be able to have our cake and eat it too!

About mxHero

MxHero builds powerful cloud and hybrid platforms for Enterprise & SMB, enabling email systems to leverage modern cloud storage benefits and gain user productivity across all user devices. The Mail2Cloud platform delivers compelling ROIs in storage costs, collaboration, productivity and security and includes an intelligent, customizable engine for advanced automation. Mail2Cloud is commercially proven across Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Gmail, over all mobile device platforms and cloud storage systems.