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How to Quickly Connect, Upload, and Share Email Attachments using your Cloud Storage service

mail2Cloud products allow you to share, archive and manage individual emails and their attachments with your cloud storage provider. We created this solution because people everywhere are suffering from email's lack of control and storage capabilities. 

Companies and businesses require an extensive amount of email, attachment management and email tracking. Reasons include team collaboration, the ability to quickly make significant updates to sensitive files, document security, HIPAA compliance, email storage or archiving regulations, and more. But email is a poor tool when it comes to getting these important jobs done. 

Knowing that, can every employee or executive handle what can often be a complex process for individual email and attachment management?

Furthermore, does the lack of speed at which this process can be completed hamper productivity and cause people at your company to skip it altogether? Would makingemail archiving and attachment sharing easier using the cloud incentivize those at your company to do it more?

Easily Upload Email and Attachments to Your Cloud Storage Provider

One of the primary functions of cloud storage providers like Box and DropBox is to take all the content on your computer (stored on your hard drive) and let you access, share and manage it from any device. Quite a convenient idea isn't it? 

But interestingly, email has replaced many of the functions the hard drive was serving when it came to storing and managing our new important files, like the ones we get from coworkers, clients and business partners. Our reliance on two completely separate services to manage our files has made for a less productive workplace. This problem is amplified the larger a company is and the more documents or attachments it needs to share and track. 

A solution that we call Fusion offers a variety of features to solve this dilemma and integrates with a number of email providers and cloud storage products. 

With just a couple of clicks from your email account, email attachments sent to your Outlook or Gmail (for example), sync with your cloud storage provider in an extremely organized and easy to view fashion. Even more convenient is that individual emails themselves can be indexed and archived as a PDF or EML in the cloud.

You can configure exactly how you want email conversations or attachments categorized into cloud folders. Once this is complete, you can be sure that all email files are managed and archived. Note that with Fusion, your email to cloud folders contain single threads for better organization. If you have an email archiving problem with your company and are already paying for an email provider and cloud storage provider, you can make their convergence simple using mail2Cloud products.

How to Easily Share Email Attachments with Coworkers from the Cloud

If an email attachment is sent to you, it's a pain in the butt to be the person who has to include the ten other people that need it. 

You might be thinking, why not just forward it? Well, if you've ever been on an email thread with 12 people, you know how much fun that is not. After five or six "thanks, I'll check it out" emails, that attachment becomes more difficult to find. 

So what if you had an "email" folder in your cloud storage that - with the help of Fusion - automatically retrieved and archived that attachment from the very first email. And what if this folder was configured to share with all ten of those other people who needed to view the attachment? 

This is how email attachment sharing can be incredibly simple with cloud technology. It's how team collaboration is enhanced and, most importantly, promoted. In an age where we expect things instantaneously, removing multi-step, cumbersome email file sharing makes life easier for everyone in your company.

Company Email to Cloud Storage and Attachment Management on Any Device

Not only is this cloud email storage solution great for your business needs, it works on any device!

- Tablets
- Smartphones
- Desktop
- Laptop
- Work computer
- Friend’s computer
- Etc.

You can get started with a free, two week trial of Fusion for Gmail, Outlook and other email providers. Contacting your email administrator or IT person will speed up the implementation process. We will also work with you directly to make set up as easy as possible.