Introducing Mail2Cloud Save & Share for Chrome!


Save & Share finally gives you an easy way to save emails that are important enough that they shouldn’t be emails anymore...

MxHero, a leading developer of email solutions, has announced the launch of mail2Cloud Save & Share for Chrome. Save & Share is an extension that allows Gmail users to store email documents in Box, Sharefile, Drive or Dropbox. The extension was originally designed for companies using Outlook but the tool has expanded to work with a wider range of users.

With mail2Cloud, email messages are automatically converted into PDF format and uploaded to cloud storage. Attachments are saved separately and in customized folders. This extension is also compatible with many of the powerful security and collaboration features that are offered in today’s cloud storage services.

The Advantages of Moving Your Day-to-Day Email to Cloud Storage


Mail2Cloud includes a number of features that aren’t found in traditional email programs. These features aim to address common complaints by email users, making it easier to manage the flow and storage of important documents and messages as they arrive in your inbox. Capabilities include:

1. Organizing important messages along with other relevant files
2. Sharing emails and collaborating without altering the original message
3. Storing emails offline in EML or PDF formats
4. Saving emails to customized folders that can be shared with team members or clients
5. Editing important documents and collaborating with key stakeholders from the cloud
6. Eliminating email as a file storage system and consolidating all files in the cloud

Storing Email in the Cloud is the Future

The numerous features offered by Mail2Cloud are designed to address emails age old shortcomings, making this extension a game changer for industries that rely heavily on file sharing.

This tool addresses the antiquated dynamic flow of email providers. Rather than allowing new messages to push older messages down the queue, Mail2Cloud lets you group important emails and documents together while providing collaboration tools that you cant find in email.

Mail2Cloud for Gmail is currently designed to work within other apps like Box, DropBox, Google Drive and Citirix Sharefile cloud storage services. The extension can be installed directly from the Google Chrome web store.