Save Gmail messages and attachments to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Sharefile with the Mail2Cloud Chrome Extension

Mail2Cloud’s Save & Share feature is an incredibly useful, easy to use utility that will let you quickly save emails and their attachments to you cloud storage account!

mail2Cloud has a new solution that solves the dilemma of how to send your Gmail attachments and emails to your Dropbox account. 

By simply moving this content to the cloud, you’ll experience amazing productivity advantages. This is largely because our email accounts are not a great place to keep our emails and files. It’s easy to lose track of attachments and important conversations. Searching your inbox is the virtual equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack.  

But with our new Save & Share for Chrome extension, you have the option to send emails and attachments to Dropbox - a far more collaborative and efficient environment for both personal and company email communication. Best of all, it's totally free.

Save Gmail Attachments and Emails to Dropbox

Once installed, S&S for Chrome will appear on upper right of the email thread you want sent to Dropbox. Once you select your storage provider and sync your account with S&S, your Dropbox folders will populate and become clickable. Now you're ready to move your Gmail messages and attachments to the cloud.

In 2 - 3 clicks, your email is automatically converted to a PDF and saved in a specified cloud storage folder along with all of its attachments (if any).

Dropbox offers a lot of features that can be used for archiving, sharing and group collaboration. They offer annotation tools not seen with normal email providers.Sharing large files is also way easier, since the uploading of attachments is eliminated and replaced by file sharing through links.

Save Gmail Attachments to Dropbox Folders for Superior Organization

With Save & Share for Chrome, your email attachments are saved to organized, shared Dropbox folders, making each file easier to retrieve. At the same time, individual emails are now indexed and searchable in Dropbox, which is a far better place than your inbox. 

Shared Dropbox folders mean that stakeholders and coworkers can easily collaborate and receive updates as soon as a document is edited, or if a new document has been added to the folder.

When you learn how to save Gmail messages and attachments to Dropbox, you eliminate the frustration of searching through lengthy email threads to find what's most important to you.  

Enjoy enhanced productivity and sharing by merging your email with the cloud! For more information about our products, email us at