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Mail2Cloud offers compliant tools that meet HIPAA and other privacy regulatory requirements to let you send regulated information via email attachment

HIPAA email compliance rules and requirements can be met using mail2Cloud'sArchive and Share, a cloud email storage system that merges your email with Box or Google Drive. We have included this powerful option to send attachments with full legal compliance which is particularly important for health care providers, financial services or educational organizations required to follow HIPAA, SEC or FERPA regulations respectively.

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) email rules are designed to protect people's confidential medical information. Passed in 1996, they require the Department of Health and Human Services to create regulations that will keep certain individual health information private.

Watch the above video demo of Archive & Share to see this highly efficient email product in action.  

How Archive & Share Meets HIPAA Email Compliance Rules, Requirements

Among those professionals that have to follow HIPAA rules are "doctors, clinics, psychologists, dentists, chiropractors, nursing homes, pharmacies, health insurance companies, hospitals, and billing services." Many of these professionals fail to realize that basic email encryption is not enough. Fortunately, mail2Cloud's advanced email cloud archiving provides an easy to use solution.

It's critically important to be able to control email file access, something that merging cloud email storage helps senders do with ease. Even after an email is sent, file or attachment access can be revoked with mail2Cloud's Archive & Share. 

Email auditing is another issue that Archive & Share solves. Often times email records such as users, date and time of access, sender or recipient will be reviewed. All of this is tracked with Archive & Share. mail2Cloud also stores emails for over six years and keeps records of all email exchanges as well as changes to documents and attachment access. 

Other Archive & Share Features - Reduce Email Storage, Stay Organized

Archive & Share copies and indexes your emails as it stores them in the cloud. Each sender has their own special folder, and recipients of each message have a unique folder as well. 

The fact that the content is indexed makes keywords in each email searchable. Finding emails where you can't remember the sender, but know the content, is not a problem when using Archive & Share.

Furthermore, email is very limited in the amount of storage space it has. With Archive & Share, you can keep all your emails in the cloud, thus reducing email storage spaceby as much as 90%. In a field or industry where keeping track of important messages and attachments is essential, tools like Archive & Share can be a huge help - improving efficiency, saving you time, and helping you rest easy knowing you're HIPAA compliant. 

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