The Easy Way to Save Emails to the Cloud

"MxHero's continued innovation with Mail2cloud leveraging the Box platform is a marquis example of the type of innovation that showcases potential disruptive workflow value for the enterprise across all industry verticals and one that our joint channel partners are taking advantage of as well."

Chris Penner, SVP Channels & Alliances @ Box

"mxHero's Mail2Cloud technology was a key factor in our cloud storage decision and strategy..."

Eric Lemke, Vice President & CIO, Crescent Electric Supply Company

Your Email Into Your Cloud Storage - Simple!

Save your email to your cloud for powerful collaboration & productivity

from any email to Google drive, dropbox, box, onedrive, sharefile

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Innovative Email to PDF Technology

Your Email - Message & Attachments Transformed into a Specially Designed PDF

Message & Attachments in a Single PDF

Mail2Cloud saves your email into your cloud through an innovative and unique email to PDF conversion process. The process ensures that your email is easy to view, share and indexed for rapid search by your cloud's search engine.

The PDF copy of your message is purposely designed for email. Any file attachments from the original email are stored as separate files and linked in the PDF copy.

A single PDF is all you need to get the whole message!

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Choose How You Want To Save Your Emails!

Copy important emails straight from Gmail (Chrome) or Outlook with these plugins.

Use a special email address that captures messages and organizes them in your cloud.

Scan your inbox for the messages you need and save them to your cloud.

Real-time & compliant email archiving to the cloud for organizations of all sizes.

Two Clicks from Outlook or Gmail to Your Cloud

Connect Outlook or Gmail to Your Cloud with Our Easy-To-Use Plugins

Upload directly from MS Outloook (see the video demo) or Gmail with just two clicks. Intelligent filing options automatically file your email in the appropriate folder in your cloud storage.

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Download the Outlook Plugin
Install for Gmail on Chrome

Mail2Cloud for Outlook Demo (2 min. 38 sec)

Give Your Cloud an Email Address

Save Email (message & attachments) to Your Cloud Simply by Emailing Your Unique Mail2Cloud Email Address

Easily save email (messages & attachments) to your cloud storage with Save&Share. Simply emailing a unique email address. Let Mail2Cloud's intelligent filing engine intuitively organize every message.

  • Forward, Cc, Bcc message directly to the cloud for personal or group archiving;
  • Collect student applications, employee requests, customer feedback, website form mails into cloud storage for superior collaboration, security and organization;
  • Set automatic rules in your email client for unlimited storage options;
  • and so much more...

Automate Saving of Select Emails to the Cloud

Automatically Copy All or Specific Email Content to the Cloud Directly from the Inbox

Mail2Cloud Retriever automatically saves email from your inbox to cloud storage. Utilizing IMAP or PST files, users and email administrators can use Retriever to continuously store select messages across the entire organization.

  • Scan Inboxes for all attachments, sent from a client;
  • Upload email attachments and replace with links to secure cloud storage - reducing email storage by 90% or more;
  • Automatically move emails from organization wide email folders to their corresponding project folders in the cloud;
  • Enjoy unlimited scanning combinations for end users and the entire organization alike.

Compliant Email Archiving in Real-Time

Save Email to Cloud Storage as it is Sent and Received

Why pay extra for email archiving? Reduce costs and IT complexity. Leverage your cloud storage investment for modern and powerful email archiving. Capture all or select email traffic to the cloud.

  • Transparent and compliant email archiving (HIPAA, GLBA, etc.);
  • Powerful auto-filing capability makes messages easy to find;
  • Email indexed and saved with additional meta-data (with supporting cloud storage services);

All of this, and more!

Mail2Cloud offers a very wide range of potential benefits to users... check out some of the ways it can help you and your company be more secure and prodctive here...