Why Take Risks?

Easy Email Security & Management for Accountants

Total Protection: 100% Coverage
Convenient: no awkward web portals
Easy: no training or user software needed

Mail2Cloud provides unprecedented protection and management for every file sent through your company’s email system (HIPAA, GLBA, etc.), using an unbelievably seamless integration between your email and cloud storage service. No portals to use. Just works.

Total Protection

Seamless & Easy

Always On

Mail2Cloud patent-pending Security covers every file you send with email - desktop, laptop, mobile, any email program, whatever!

Mail2Cloud requires no end user software, training or changes to workflow. No need for web portals, no Outlook plugins, no need to install mobile apps - just use your email as usual.

Like a seat-belt, for any security solution to work you need to use it 100% of the time. Mail2Cloud is always-on protection, no need to remember.

Your Challenge

Our Solution

Oh, You're Human?
Forgetting to send documents securely through a portal or plugin is to be expected. But try explaining that to an auditor.

We Know
Mail2Cloud makes your existing solution always-on. No more risk of forgetting. To err is human. To forgive is Mail2Cloud!

Constant File Management is a Hassle
Not a fan of having to always manually file documents before sending?

Mail2Cloud automatically and intelligently files all messages and attachments to your cloud storage based on your criteria.

Not All Devices are Protected
Your secure delivery solution isn't supported on all your devices & programs (ex. mobile, Outlook for Mac, etc.)

Every Device, Every Program - Protected
Send sensitive attachments from any device. From you desktop to your iWatch - we've got you covered!

Never Get Lost in Email Again

Can’t find that attachment? No longer dig through emails to find email attachments. Fusion automatically saves and organizes your attachments sent and received in your cloud storage.

  • Intelligent auto-filing of email attachments in cloud storage;
  • Administrators can set minimum security permissions of all attachments sent or received;
  • Cloud storage links copied into emails can also be tracked and controlled.
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Email Delivery Compliance without Cumbersome Portals

Sensitive files being sent without the appropriate precautions? Fusion will automatically ensure that all files sent normally through email (ex. tax forms, payroll, etc.) are delivered with the required security.

  • Administrative control of all email attachments sent and received;
  • No change required in how users send email attachments;
  • Control security of storage links pasted into email.
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