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Emails are documents too. But the Inbox offers little management, security or collaboration.

Mail2Cloud solves these problems by elegantly merging your email with modern, purpose built, cloud file management technology...

Mail2Cloud integrates with Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and Citrix Sharefile

Turn Emails Into Managed Documents

Mail2Cloud automatically converts your emails to documents

Mail2Cloud not only helps you save your important messages to powerful cloud content management systems, but it also converts those messages into documents that can be readily searched, saved with other related documents and shared with collaborators without special software.

  • Original message content saved as a PDF. Content fully indexed by cloud storage search;
  • All attachments stored separately as files and linked from message PDF;
  • Original email in source format (.eml) saved for email action (reply, etc.)

Intelligently File Messages in the Cloud

Imagine having emails automatically stored as documents in powerful cloud storage sorted by client and matter number

  • Fully Automatic: no need to monitor and manually copy emails;
  • Always on: whether you’re online or not, messages get stored;
  • Powerful: cloud collaboration securely extends email to the team;
  • Intelligent: sophisticated pattern matching stores the correct email to the right folder hierarchy (by client, matter, sender, recipient, date, etc.)

Never Get Lost in Attachments Again

Find every document sent over email in a logical file hierarchy defined by you for a unified file centric view of your entire Inbox

  • Find attachments rapidly in cloud storage;
  • Leverage cloud storage for instant collaboration;
  • Avoid the tangle of paperclips and uncertainty around file versions. Find the latest of all files exchanged across an entire email conversation in a single folder;
  • Leverage powerful cloud storage preview and mobile clients for maximum accessibility.

Unleash Large Emails, Seamlessly

Send & Receive 100Mb+ Emails From Anywhere

With Mail2Cloud you can send & receive email attachments far larger than the common 10Mb limitation. By automatically transforming attachments in to cloud storage links, even a 100Mb email becomes just 15Kb before delivery. The best part is nothing needs to be done by the end user, simply attach large files and send.

  • Send very large emails from any email client or device;
  • No end user action needed. Just attach large files to any email and send.

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