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MxHero’s Outlook plugin brings the power and simplicity of Cloud Storage file management to Microsoft Outlook. Save, secure and collaborate over email from within Cloud Storage by simply dragging and dropping one or more messages directly into your Cloud Storage folder tree embedded in your Outlook interface.

mxHero Saving from Outlook to Box
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Case: A Leading Law Firm Saves Big Money with mxHero

mxHero’s Outlook plugin enables the firm to save important client emails to Cloud Storage quickly and intuitively, resulting in huge savings of expensive legal workforce time and bandwidth every day. Messages are saved to a “correspondence” subfolder in the client specific folder where other relevant documents are organized. From Cloud Storage, teams can easily find and collaborate over emails without having to forward messages from one email account to another. mxHero’s intelligent filing ensures that key emails are readily searchable & viewable on mobile devices whether from the courthouse steps or anywhere else.

Message Viewed from Box with Added Meta-Data

Intelligent Filing

MxHero’s Outlook plugin can intelligently process emails to automatically file messages to specific folders and file names, saving time and enabling search features previously unavailable.

Message PDF filename formed with properties of saved email

Emails and their attachments, when saved to Cloud Storage with mxHero, are fully indexed by the Cloud Storage search engine. Furthermore, Cloud Storage meta-data is added to all files so that users can easily identify key attributes, e.g. the sender, subject etc.. of files received over email. Special processing enables users to preview email message content from within Cloud Storage without requiring download nor an email client.

Unified Experience of the Cloud and Email

Preview email from Cloud Storage, Traverse Your Cloud Folders from Email!

Why Move Emails to Cloud Storage?

  1. Email systems contain mission critical business documents with legal ramifications
  2. Email systems are used every day to collaborate both internally & externally
  3. Email sprawl amongst 1000s of user devices is a serious security risk
  4. Email systems store documents only on a per-user basis vs centralized
  5. Email systems have limited search & structured filing capabilities
  6. Email systems were designed for communication not storage & collaboration

9 Benefits of Saving Email to Cloud Storage with mxHero


Email in Cloud Storage

Email in Email


Strong, flexible access security

Weak security results in many high profile email related security breaches over the last decades


Messages shared from a single collaborative location

Copies of messages shared out of every recipient's chaotic email environment


Messages viewable as single documents without being forwarded to email

Email viewable only from within an email program


Access to messages can be granularly controlled (difference access rights) and revoked

Forwarded message is no longer in control of the sender


Message can be grouped with other relevant files, ex. Word, Excel, etc.

Email can only be grouped with email


Advanced Cloud Storage features like comments, task assignment, workflows, etc.

Little to no collaborative or workflow features


Flexible classification features, favoriting, labels, meta-date tags, multi-level folders etc.

Typically only folders or tags


Advanced search facilities to find email and files quickly

Limited search facilities. Files hidden as paperclips


Powerful document preview technologies from mobile devices (ex. Word, CAD, DICOM, etc.)

Limited to no mobile preview capabilities

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