Effortlessly End Email Attachments

Automatically replace email attachments with secure cloud storage links for greater security, control and productivity


mxHero automatically replaces email attachments with secure cloud storage links. This simple concept results in several profound improvements to how files are managed in email. Organizations can now:

  • Track & Control attachment access even after message delivery;
  • Centrally configure the security profile of all attachments and cloud links sent;
  • Rapidly find the attachment (needle) in the Inbox (haystack);
  • Communicate better with powerful cloud storage feature like file preview.


Email is Inherently Unsecure & Cumbersome

Attachments are Unprotected files ...
From the US State Department Wikileaks scandal to the Sony email breach, the news is testament to email's failure to protect sensitive information. Fact is, once an email system is breached, every attachment, EVER SENT, is completely exposed.

... but files in Cloud Storage are Protected
mxHero replaces unprotected attachments with secure cloud storage links. Security profiles like authenticate access, 7 day expiration, view only, can be centrally defined per user, group or domain.

Files are hard to find in email ...
One often feels that looking for attachments in email is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Email was never built for file management, yet the average corporate user deals with no less than 64 emails with attachments per day. Email file management consists of wading through messages, looking under paperclips for files, which, if found, may not be the latest version.

...but easy to find in dedicated file management technology
Cloud storage technology is purpose built for file management. Powerful search, extensive file type preview and collaboration tools are but a few of the many technologies dedicated to an efficient, effective and informative experience.

The 10Mb Email Limit is too small in today's world...
A single photo today can be over 12Mb. Organizations are hampered by the 10Mb, decades old limitation of email.

...but cloud storage links can share massive files
With mxHero emails no longer carry attachments, rather only secure links to attachments in cloud storage. As a result a 20Mb email is transformed in to a 15Kb email. Now a much smaller (15Kb) email traverses the email lifecycle (multiple recipients to multiple devices, etc). Not only does this save in storage, but also network bandwidth since only recipients who actually want the sent files will download them and files are now transmitted in their true size - no longer inflated +36% by email's text encoding process.

How does it work?

Automatically Replacing Attachments with Secure Cloud Storage Links

mxHero is instantly adopted since it requires no effort on the part of the end user. The entire installation is done at the server-side and with IT administration. No software needs to be installed by the end user. mxHero works across every device - mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

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