Leverage the Cloud for Immediate Cost Savings

Automatically move attachments to cloud storage and reduce costs of email storage, software licensing and network infrastructure


An mxHero installation does more than improve workflow and drive cloud adoption. It also can save substantially on IT infrastructure, enough to pay for your mxHero installation, and then some.

Why the savings?

Because Email is Bad at File Transfer

Email Duplication and File Inflation...
Email is a terrible medium for sending files. The two main reasons email is costing you more than you may realize are: 1) a single message will typically duplicate more than 5 times as it passes through redundant email servers, gets downloaded to a user's many devices, is forwarded and CC'd to multiple recipients, gets stored into archives and perhaps copied to internal systems like a CRM; and 2) files are more than 36% larger in size as a result of email's text based encoding of binary data.

...is Costing you more than you may realize
Email duplication and larger attachment sizes are costing you about 90% of your global email storage budget (for servers and end users). All that data is also impacting your network - especially remote locations and making things slow for mobile users. Mileage will vary, but for the average organization total costs will be around $20/user/month.

How it works

Automatically Replacing Attachments with Cloud Storage Links

Emails no longer carry attachments, rather only secure links to attachments in cloud storage. As a result a 20Mb email is transformed in to a 15Kb email. Now a much smaller (15Kb) email traverses through the email lifecycle (multiple recipients to multiple devices, etc). Not only does this save in storage, but also network bandwidth since only recipients who actually want the sent files will download them and files are now sent in their true size - no longer inflated +36% by email's text encoding.

mxHero is instantly adopted since it requires no effort on the part of the end user. The entire installation is done at the server-side and with IT administration. No software needs to be installed by the end user. mxHero works across every device - mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

Is your Inbox or email server and backup archive already overflowing? Great news! mxHero can move already saved content to your cloud storage. In fact, just replacing attachments with links moved to cloud storage can reduce your infrastructure requirements by 90% or more!

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