A seamless solution for sharing email content straight from your cloud

Email is content. Content should be stored in your cloud where it can be easily accessed and shared. Mail2Cloud makes that possible, and makes it easy.


We'll say it again: Email is content, and if you buy into the value of modern cloud storage services like Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Sharefile, then you probably should be storing important (or all of your) email content there where it can be easily organized and shared.

Why? To Manage & Share...

The key to cloud storage based archiving is getting even more mileage out of the service you've already invested in. If you're already using a cloud service for sharing content, it only makes sense to get email content stored there as well.

More than that, some emails really shouldn't be left stuck and lost in your email system. They should be elevated to the level of "document" and stored along with other files for that team, project, client, or case. Once they're in the cloud, they are organized and accessible, easily commented on, and shared intelligently leveraging the awesome workflow tools provided by your cloud CMS.

And lastly, once you've adopted Mail2Cloud Archive, you can get rid of your expensive legacy email archiving system and finally eliminate all your old PST files.

How does it work?

Four ways to get email into the cloud

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