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Intelligent Email Management

AI powered security, governance, productivity and insights for email

Typical email usage is the greatest threat to your organization's data privacy. Find out how, by how much, and how to fix it.


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AI Email Routing & Filing Automation

Increase productivity and manage email content in your cloud content storage service

Email is the lifeblood of the enterprise, but it is difficult to manage and is often a productivity drain. mxHERO Mail2Cloud AI can capture and automatically file email messages based on any criteria into any filing hierarchy optimized for your cloud storage service. Mail2Cloud can support different rules and filing structures for different business units, e.g. finance, sales, HR.


mxHERO AI classifies & automatically routes emails or copies to where they need to be. Learn more

AI Email Security and Data Protection

Never let a confidential document leave unprotected through email again!

Email can expose sensitive content inside & outside the organization. mxHERO uses powerful generative AI and other technologies to ensure all email content is secured and managed. Users can send email attachments, which mxHERO detects as sensitive/confidential (based on customer preference). Once classified as sensitive, mxHERO can take action, like replacing the attachment with a secure link to the organization's cloud storage service. Depending on the document's sensitivity, it is delivered as 'preview only' (no download), accessible for only seven days, etc.


Sensitive email attachments are automatically secured in the organization's cloud storage service by mxHERO AI. Non-sensitive attachments pass through normally. Learn more

mxHERO reduces email data sprawl by 90% - check your email attachment risk


mxHERO helps organizations significantly reduce CO2 emissions 

Standard Email demands significant resources and is unsustainable. Email attachment processing generates CO2, and email duplication makes it much worse. Using mxHERO can make a dent in climate change by drastically reducing email processing.


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Video about email sustainability

Calculate your organization's CO2 reduction potential with mxHERO's ROI Calculator


Leading enterprises choose mxHERO

Proven performance and earned trust

mxHERO's customers include major global brands and industry leading enterprises. Email is a major security problem but core to how business gets done. mxHERO's clients need to make their existing email more secure without introducing disruptive changes to their employees or customers. When it just has to work, they look to the most proven solution in the market - mxHERO.

Proven Performance

mxHERO is the pioneer in email to cloud storage integration technology with over 10 years of experience developing and delivering high performance service.

No Added Complexity

mxHERO leverages your existing email and storage services.

Built for Scale

With above 99.999% uptime over the last four years, mxHERO is proven for rock solid stability and massive scale.

Content Consolidation

Email data sprawl is a major information security threat. mxHERO reduces data sprawl by 90%.

Every Device, All the Time

mxHERO works automatically and in the background, regardless of how email is sent. No need for end user effort or training.

Certified Security & Data Privacy

mxHERO is SOC 2 Type II certified. Our services don't store our customer's content,  simply process and route according to customer configurations.

Centrally Controlled

mxHERO is built for the enterprise. Powerful central controls, diagnostics and reports.

Easy to Deploy

mxHERO is typically deployed across an enterprise of any size in less than 90 minutes.

mxHERO integrates with your existing technology

mxHERO integrates with every email system, your DLP, and best-of-breed enterprise cloud content platforms and supports multiple AI LLMs (and adding more). Best of all, mxHERO brings these different systems together into a unified whole unleashing synergies greater than the sum of their parts.


mxHERO seamlessly integrates your email services & archives with LLM AI & cloud storage services for powerful Intelligent Email Management

Easy integration with all DLP and border systems like Proofpoint,  Mimecast.



The mxHERO Difference

I think summarizing huge volumes of email is a very underrated thing.

-Sam Altman, CEO OpenAI

BoxWorks Keynote, 11/10/2023

LLM AI is extremely powerful with email, but how to you get your organization's emails to work with LLM AI?


mxHERO has spent more than a decade engineering the technology to bring AI together with your organization's email content. Uniquely, mxHERO allows you to :


  • Apply AI to emails from any source
    Whether in the cloud, on-premises, in servers, PST files or archival systems.

  • Limit which emails to collect for AI analysis
    e.g., only customer emails, specific departments, target shared email accounts, etc.

  • Use AI to query across multiple email accounts at a time
    e.g., sales team, legal team, customer correspondence, etc.

  • Use AI to rapidly search decades of archived emails
    Gather insights into past operations and retrieve critical email records.

  • Apply AI to emails in real-time
    Augment cyber-security, data protection and gain productivity enhancing automations

  • Use our prebuilt prompt libraries, or customize your own

  • Use your choice of LLM AI technology

Client Testimonials

"With its lightweight and system-agnostic approach, mxHERO has significantly streamlined our email management process. What was a painful and highly tedious manual process that took at least 5 minutes per correspondence, now takes just a few seconds."


Dimas Brataadiredja

Head of Strategy & Business Operations at Dolby

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