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mxHERO for Architecture,
Engineering, & Construction

Easy, Reliable, & Secure project management

Full deployment in less than

90 min!

Streamline & Automate project correspondence

Better manage, secure and record project communications. In 90 min or less, mxHERO allows you to automate the flow of email (& attachments) into cloud storage platform folders. With mxHERO the process is completely automated and requires no end-user software.

Get project files, images, and correspondence into your cloud storage with

no new apps, no training, no change!

mxHERO combines your email with your cloud storage for easy file capture & management


The 1-2-3 of easy project management



Capture select email traffic


Auto-File & Save
Sort emails by project to target folders


Search, Share, Manage
Manage message just like any other document in your cloud storage
With mxHERO, field-based project managers, engineers and inspectors can email their site project plan updates, status reports and job-site photos and artifacts into their organizations.  mxHERO will auto-capture the digital assets and auto-uplift them into targeted project-specific folders in the firm's preferred enterprise content cloud.
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mxHERO selectively captures and intelligently files email messages and/or attachments into project folders based on key words (project identifiers) or email addresses. Uploaded content is fully optimized for cloud storage security and management.

Automatically capture, and organize project correspondence & shared files

Automatically sort email correspondence into cloud storage folders ... real-time!

  • Correspondence auto-organized in realtime

  • Images & notes capture from the field with the ease of email

  • All email assets easily managed, just like a file, in your secure cloud storage

Video demo of on-site image capture using Egnyte.

Box, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, Google Drive & Egnyte also supported (2m 4s)

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Protect & manage your old emails

Old emails go to your cloud storage, safe from email disasters and easy to find when needed...

  • Protect your email correspondence from hackers

  • Manage & share emails safer and easier from your cloud storage

  • Save space on your devices

Video demo of mxHERO Data Hygiene archiving (1m 13s)

Protect Emails sent outside your firm

Secure your emails even when they're sitting in some else's inbox

  • Protect your email attachments from breaches & email mishandling, always and without effort

  • Revoke attachment access even after message delivery

  • Send large attachments (e.g., 100M+)

Video demo: automatic protection of email attachments with OneDrive.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & Egnyte also supported (1m 40s)

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Case study: mxHERO at PCL Construction

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