Data Protection

Fixing the root cybersecurity threat of email data sprawl with

a game-changing yet simple idea ... automatically replace attachments with secure links


Traditional cybersecurity is failing. Investments in security are higher than ever, but data breaches are breaking records.

While companies invest in protecting their content, they use email, a 50-year-old file-sharing technology that spreads sensitive content everywhere without security.

mxHero protects organizations by intelligently securing email content into the organization's existing cloud content platforms - without disrupting end users.

Email explodes your organization's content


Every email creates full & unprotected copies of sensitive content in multiple locations and devices.

  • email attachments create around 56,000 file duplicates per user per year

  • more than 20GB of storage per user per year

  • 90% of files in email are duplicates

  • files distributed across multiple systems and end-user devices

  • with no native protections, a breach exposes everything in the email

  • no chain of custody of content for security or governance


File Duplication Caused by Email Attachments

File Duplicates / Year

Your data leakage is worse than you think

Email attachments duplicate at every opportunity - inboxes, servers, archives. Each copy is a liability, potentially sensitive files without protection, untraceable, and prone to accidental and malicious leakage.

Calculate your data sprawl - spreadsheet download

mxHero automatically keeps email attachments in your secure content cloud

cloud services supported: Box, Egnyte, Google Drive, MS OneDrive


mxHero automatically moves email attachments, in real-time, to your secure cloud storage, eliminating the massive data sprawl of email.

No end-user effort required.

  • file duplication drops 10x
    from 56,000 to 5,500 copies (user/year)

  • 90% reduction in file storage
    from 20.0GB to 1.5GB (user/year)

  • secure cloud links mean email breaches don’t expose file content

  • links provide a detailed chain of custody of files inside & outside of your organization

mxHero stops email driven data sprawl

even outside your organization

With no native protections, email requires you to trust the security of everyone with whom you communicate. MxHero moves files out of email & into your content platform, delivering only a link that you always control.

  • meet compliance by delivering attachments with end-to-end encryption

  • limit access by require authentication

  • drastically reduce risk to external breaches by auto-expiring link access (e.g., 7 days)


mxHero upgrades your email "in-place" by integrating today's powerful content management platforms

No longer do organizations need to be hostage to a technology of yesteryear. mxHero delivers an automatic & unobtrusive bridge between today’s powerful and secure content management technologies and your current email system

without changing entrenched user behavior

Video demo of mxHero's automatic replacement of email attachments with secure cloud storage links