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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

mxHero as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution -  How is it hosted?

mxHero leverages Amazon Web Services to support unlimited scale for our cloud-based solution.  With greater than 99.99% up time performance historically and unlimited scale, this is the ideal solution for our customers who seek mxHero's benefits while reaping the advantages of SaaS  deployed applications.

On premises deployment options also available.

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When mxHero captures email content or attachments, does the company retain any of that content prior, during or after it is routed to the targeted cloud content management platform (e.g. Box)?

mxHero does not retain content or attachments.  With its intelligent content management platform, mxHero serves as a 'bridge' between legacy email solutions and the targeted cloud content management platform such as Box.  Once the email and/or attachment payload is intelligently routed to the targeted Box folder structure complete with meta data and applicable security overlays, there is NO retention of the email or email-based content on the part of mxHero.

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What are the lines of demarcation when it comes to mxHero security vs. that of the target cloud storage?

mxHero serves to extend the cloud content platform security model to email based content.  In doing so, mxHero ensures inflight encryption of captured content and once the content is stored into the appropriate cloud storage folder container, the cloud storage security overlays apply to that content including HIPAA, GxP, and other security features available.  Thus, mxHero’s security includes:

  • Data transmissions over SSL and is encrypted at rest

  • Multiple monitoring angles and intrusion detection systems are in place

  • SkyHigh Enterprise Ready Certification

  • CSA Star Certification

  • Regulatory Compliance with HIPAA and FERPA

For more on mxHero security see

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Under a traditional deployment of mxHero, what is required from a technical perspective to support turning on mxHero's features and functionality?


While client use-cases vary, native mxHero is deployable in tandem with all of the leading email solutions including O365, Microsoft Exchange, MS Outlook, GMAIL, etc.  On the content management side, mxHero is configured to take advantage of the Cloud Content Platform API for integration and intelligent routing of content.


Under a typical deployment, mxHero will work with clients to capture the intended customer use cases (e.g. intelligent routing protocols) and deployment requirements, and once done - the configuration or setup of mxHero aligned with targeted user emails and/or client email domains, mapping to cloud storage based on workflow rules or content keys (e.g. a project number, user name, sender name,  or other taxonomy) and the setup of mxHero is then staged with the assistance of the client's email administrator or assigned resource.

A typical deployment of mxHero takes hours - not days - as long as the requirements for the connectors, plug-ins or bi-directional content captures are in place during deployment.

Once mxHero understands the rule structure for placing email content into cloud storage, the implementation is seamless and velocity oriented.

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Can mxHero be deployed for a specific set of users vs. organization wide?

mxHero can be deployed for a single user, a business unit, a project team or deployed in an end-to-end organizational wide rollout.  It’s all up to the customer.

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What type of encryption does mxHero leverage

As previously stated, mxHero leverages encryption on all the processes executed to get your content into the cloud storage platform. Emails are captured via SMTP/S or IMAP/S, both using 2048-bit SSL Certificates with strong 256-bit encryption. Data is sent to the cloud storage services using the same encryption level through their secure APIs, over HTTP/S. While at rest for processing, data is protected using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm.

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What happens if someone breaches my email system and I have mxHero & cloud storage deployed?

While the threat of breaches cannot be fully mitigated, the impact of a breach can certainly be minimized.  By deploying mxHero, content attachments are moved 'away' from the email paradigm and into secure cloud storage folder targets.  So, if an email breach does occur after deployment of mxHero, a hacker may have access to an email but they'll never have access to the content protected by the links as long as the links are disabled, secured via login requirements or removed. In summary, the security overlay at the cloud storage level prevents unauthorized access. This represents one of the most significant benefits of deploying mxHero with your cloud storage.

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Can you explain exactly how mxHero captures the email based content and moves it into cloud storage from a technical perspective?

mxHero's service is topologically equivalent to a network router. The service acts as a gateway (or an IMAP client) where email is temporarily processed for integration with cloud storage systems. Like a router, mxHero's services possess very little internal storage, only a sufficient amount to process email in transit. Once processed, mxHero deletes local copies to allow the system to continue processing inbound messages. mxHero's systems are not designed to retain messages for longer than needed for the express purpose of processing. Processing normally takes less than 5 seconds to occur. As an additional precaution, all temporary storage used for processing utilizes encrypted file systems ensuring that data is encrypted at rest at all times. Technically speaking, emails are captured through SMTP/S or IMAP/S, analyzed, optimized and filed into the cloud storage service using APIs through HTTP/S.

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How is mxHero priced?

mxHero is priced on an annual per-user basis with tier-based discounts based on customer user volume levels.  Pricing starts at $10 per month per user with discounts applicable as user-counts expand.  For email harvesting, one-time charges for the intelligent harvesting of legacy email-centric content is based on targeted terabyte volumes.

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What is the mxHero platform?

mxHero's full platform feature components offer a more robust set of software services when clients want to exploit the intelligent routing, automation of email content flow mechanisms into cloud storage targeted folders and to expose the full capabilities of mxHero with cloud platforms.  


Under the platform component, customers are able to leverage mxHero's full suite of platform capabilities including email archiving, intelligent routing to the cloud, meta-data captures and rule-based workflow enablement.

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