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GDPR Email Compliance

Protect your employee & client data in email

In 60 Minutes Extend Comprehensive

Cloud Data Protection to Email

GDPR is demanding. Leading cloud storage services offer powerful solutions to help your organization meet the EU's stringent requirements around control & protection of individual data. But cloud storage doesn't address content in email - perhaps the most vulnerable to violation.

  • Fulfill GDPR's "privacy by design" mandate by automatically securing GDPR regulated content to secure cloud storage

  • Make it easy for everyone. Ensure email data security without end user software or training

  • Central control via web based Administration Panel

Automatically secure private data

Secure Email Automatically & Intelligently

Apply security only when needed

MxHero and leading content management services (Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive and ShareFile) are a powerful secure email solution. MxHero captures all email in real-time and based on flexible rules can deliver email content directly through secure cloud links

  • Safeguard customer & employee data across the email stream. Detect emails with sensitive information like Social Security numbers and replace with link to an encrypted cloud storage preview

  • Ensure that files & cloud links sent through email within your organization can only be accessed internally - even if accidentally forwarded or stolen

  • Set all attachments sent externally to expire access in 7 days (or any other duration) - greatly reducing your "threat surface"

Security with No End User Effort

Ideal for companies that need better email security but don't want to depend on user action.

  • No end user training required. No end user software to install

  • Health care, finance and legal easily meet GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA etc. without concerns around user adoption

  • Works for emails sent from any email system or device (phone, laptop, desktop, etc.)

Extend protection to the email message

Limit Exposure

Contain Email Data Sprawl

Without mxHero
Content Everywhere
no security and no control
  • Sensitive data is widely disseminated in Email

  • Content sprawl across silos

  • No control over content once sent

With mxHero
Content Stored to Your Cloud
security and control
  • mxHero moves content to the cloud and replaces with secure links

  • Content consolidated, and controlled

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