Manage, Collaborate, Secure Your Email Like Never Before

A unique and non-disruptive integration between your email & leading cloud storage. Intelligently & automatically file messages, attachments and documents in one place for easy access, control, and security

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All the Power & Simplicity of Cloud Storage

Now for your Emails

Your Email + Your Cloud Storage + 30 minutes
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Track, control & govern messages and attachments. Apply rules to archive, retain and hold for compliance & security.

Securely share important emails with team members. Automatically capture email conversations to cloud storage folders with meta-data.  Email & attachments can be stored by client, matter, project, or other taxonomy, etc. Leverage powerful search, security and collaboration tools. 

Lost in email? Inbox quota full? Email archive hard to search? Save email to document storage with the simplicity of drag & drop or let intelligent auto-filing do the work for you!

Who's it for

3 person companies, large enterprises, easy to install & use, low cost

MxHero is designed for business of all types looking for a game changing technology that will radically improve their email productivity and security. The only requirements are email and a targeted cloud content management platform (Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive)


Collaborate over emails automatically sorted into client folders. Comment on messages without confusing and risky email forwarding. Securely manage access permissions to share correspondences. Access content anytime/anywhere with mobile app access regardless of file type.

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Leverage GDPR, GxP and HIPAA compliance for your email content. Auto detect ePHI and ensure proper delivery without end user effort. Large attachment delivery without end user software.  Govern cohort and constituent email collaboration around content.


Automatic, secure delivery of messages and attachments. Send & receive large emails from any device. Detailed tracking of email access. Deny access to attachments via secure links after X days (via organizational defined workflow and link security rules).  


IT departments deploy mxHERO to drive content governance, security, retention, search enablement and innovation around enterprise workflows while narrowing the organizational burden aligned to email-based content retention.


MxHero's solution works horizontally across a variety of industries beyond those highlighted above, including: Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, BioPharma, and others. Contact us to find out how our solution maps to your particular organization's needs.

How it works


A powerful analysis engine captures emails, examines their content and intelligently classifies and secures message & attachments into your content cloud.

  • Automatic: no user effort required

  • Works with every email service:
    O365, GSuite, Exchange, etc.

  • From any device:
    Windows, Mac, Mobile, etc.

  • Any email program:
    Outlook, MacMail, Gmail, etc.

  • Integrations with: Box, Egnyte, MS OneDrive, Google Drive

  • Optimizes email for rapid cloud storage search


One Dashboard, Immense Power

Central control over every email in your organization

Auto-Track attachments & messages
Manage & Govern
Intelligent classification system organizes email documents for you
Reduce Costs
70% reduction in email volume as attachments moved out of email to cloud storage
Cloud storage chat, share, set tasks - now for email
Attachments become links controlled in your cloud storage

3 Steps & 30 Minutes to Email Security & Productivity

Powerful and intuitive rule creation for set & forget simplicity

Configure who is effected

Simply complete a sentence defining each rule

Scope for individuals, groups, company-wide

1. Define scope

mouse over for details

2. Set options

Set rule options

How content is stored (ex. messages, attachments, both)

Where content is stored - auto or manual filing

Set security levels

mouse over for details

Statistics and Audit metrics

Measure the impact to your organization with detailed, real-time reports

3. Track effectiveness

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“It’s like Mission Impossible for email” 

Integrated Partners

Joseph Flynn, IT, Dolby Labs

"The team behind mxHero was incredibly responsive, flexible, accessible and collaborative with me as a customer. Not only that, but their technology hit a sweet spot for my company"