Secure, Govern and Manage email

You can't protect what you don't control

About 80% of your company's content goes through email.

mxHero intelligently captures email content and puts it under your control in your cloud storage platform

without requiring end user effort

COVID-19: It’s a new world. Sensitive data in email is exploding across the remote worker landscape.

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Email explodes your organization's content


Every email creates full & unprotected copies of sensitive content in multiple locations and devices.

  • around 56,000 file copies per user per year

  • more than 20GB of storage per user per year

  • 90% of files in email are duplicates

  • files distributed across multiple systems and end user devices

  • with no native protections, a breach exposes everything

  • no chain of custody of content for security or governance

mxHero automatically unifies your email content in your secure content cloud

MxHero automatically moves email attachments, in real-time, to your secure cloud storage giving you total security, control & visibility
without end user effort or disruption

  • file duplication drops 10x, from 56,000 to 5,500 copies (user/year)

  • 90%+ reduction in file storage: from 20.0GB to 1.5GB (user/year)

  • 90%+ less files = 90% less data sprawl

  • secure cloud links means email breaches don’t expose file content - now protected by authentication

  • links provide detailed chain of custody of content for security & governance - inside & outside of your organization

Calculate the impact of attachments on your organization - download the spreadsheet

mxHero upgrades your email "in-place" by integrating today's powerful content management platforms

No longer do organizations need be hostage to technology of yesteryear. mxHero delivers an automatic & unobtrusive bridge between today’s powerful and secure content management technologies and your current email system

without changing entrenched user behavior

Email Security & Governance

Replace attachments with cloud share links without user intervention

  • files delivered with encryption, authentication, tracking

  • set automatic link expiration to prevent exposure from external breaches

  • file preview for anti-phishing defense

  • remove attachment limits (10Mb - 100Mb+ attachments)

Email Management

Capture & intelligently file email messages to cloud content platforms.

  • transform your cloud storage investment into a powerful Document Management System (emails & documents)

  • critical correspondence becomes a managed document

  • email content visibility and compliance (e.g. CCPA, GDPR)

  • secure message collaboration without reply-all or forwarding risks

  • single silo - all content, files & emails in a single location

The mxHero Difference

Fundamental Protection

Fixing root causes.

Not more duck tape.

A fundamental transformation of email delivered without end-user disruption. MxHero corrects flaws in email's architecture to resolve insurmountable information security, governance, and productivity impediments plaguing organizations for decades.


A unique server-side, high performance production engine, processing millions of emails daily across enterprises of all sizes. Integrations between all email systems and best of breed cloud content management platforms.

Fast and Easy Integration

Delivery across the largest enterprises within 30 minutes. Capable of gradual deployments to facilitate rollout. Flexible configuration and extensible API to meet the diverse needs across any type of organization.

Client Testimonials

"With its lightweight and system-agnostic approach, mxHero has significantly streamlined our email management process. What was a painful and highly tedious manual process that took at least 5 minutes per correspondence, now takes just a few seconds."

Dimas Brataadiredja

Head of Strategy & Business Operations at Dolby

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