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mxHERO for Legal

Manage, Unify & Protect Your Email Content Like Never Before

Email, under control & safe

Email is the lifeblood of any legal practice. Confidential information is exchanged continuously through email, whether among internal teams, with clients, the opposition, or the courts. Unfortunately, legal practitioners are saddled with a perfect storm of dealing with the most highly sensitive information within extremely vulnerable email. Few solutions make it easy for attorneys and staff to manage complicated and highly sensitive, content-based legal workflows. mxHERO comes to the rescue, providing an innovation that changes almost nothing for users yet changes almost everything with regards to security and manageability of email correspondence.

Benefits of mxHERO for Law Firms

email-based security
Attorney-Client Privilege

Email Automation

Automatically sort email messages into cloud storage folders

Email is critical content that is hard to manage. mxHERO can help you use your existing cloud storage system for your email content resulting in greater productivity and visibility. Stop spending time saving email and its attachments to the correct folders, and let mxHERO do it for you following simple to understand taxonomies defined by your firm.

autofiling (tiny).png

Inbound messages & attachments saved in the correct cloud storage folder (Box, Dropbox for Teams, Egnyte, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Google Drive) without user effort.

Short video demonstrating mxHERO's auto capture and filing of inbound email message & attachments.

Digital Hygiene

Protect your email content from malicious or accidental loss /

Organize the clutter of years of email communications

Email grows exponentially. In fact, in a firm with only 5 employees, a single year of email attachments will result in 198,832 duplicated files. These files are sprawled across multiple servers, archives, inboxes and devices. Every single file copy expands your "threat surface" and is yet another available target for bad actors. All of this content means liability - whether fines or reputational damage when an accident or breach occurs.

mxHERO reduces your risk of email content breach by up to 90% by getting email and attachment duplicates out of vulnerable locations and into your secure cloud. Importantly, mxHERO moves content with no end-user effort. 


With email your data is spread, unprotected, everywhere, inside & outside your organization.

mxHERO gets your email content into your secure cloud. You decide what, e.g. everything over X months old.

mxHERO can link secured content directly from your mailbox, providing easy access while ensuring hackers are cut off.


Watch mxHERO secure all email attachments in an inbox

Outbound Email Protection

Secure your emails even when they're sitting in some else's inbox

It is said that there are two kinds of companies, those that have been breached and those that don't know they've been breached. In today's world, it's best to assume the worst. Even if you have the best defenses, is everyone with whom you send sensitive content well protected?

mxHERO allows you to protect your content even after it has been delivered, even when delivered outside of your company. After you press send, your attachments are moved to your cloud and replaced with links. No longer is your content in vulnerable email. Content in your cloud is always under your control. You have full visibility when attachments are viewed and can revoke access at any time. Best of all, mxHERO does all the work to make this happen. You just use email as you have always used it - no changes.


Automatically protect sensitive content sent outside your firm

mxHERO auto-capture of

in-flight attachments

Track & Automatically Secure Every Attachment

Automatically track all attachments and control them even after delivery

  • Track every attachment per recipient down to the zip code

  • Always-on tracking or user triggered options​

  • Automatically deliver files with the appropriate security: expire in 7 days, require password authentication, read-only and more

  • Works across every device and every email program

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