MxHero for Legal

Manage, Unify & Control Email Like Never Before

Email Management - Accurate & Easy

Imagine a world where the most important emails and attachment-based content in your organization were automatically and intelligently filed into powerful cloud & hybrid content management platforms.

  • Capture emails as they are received across the organization

  • Auto-file messages (& attachments) by client, project, matter … or however you define

  • Authorized search from any device - mobile, desktop, etc.

  • Track & Control message and attachments even after delivery


MxHero allows you to do just that and much more.

mxHero automatically files emails to the correct cloud storage folder (defined by you). Capture & organize on-going firm communications in real-time and get old emails records within easy reach.

Drag, Drop, Search Email in Your Cloud

Imagine if you could simply drag & drop email directly from Outlook to your cloud storage (Box, Egnyte, etc.)

  • View your cloud folders directly in Outlook

  • Drag & Drop messages directly to your folders

  • Search & open emails stored in your cloud from Outlook​

Emails Automatically Organized in Your Cloud

MxHero analyzes email messages and attachments and saves them to the correct folder in your content management system

  • Fully automatic option, requires no user intervention

  • Supports complex filing hierarchies using message date, recipient, company, message content, etc.

  • Works with any email system

  • Current supported storage targets: Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Citrix ShareFile, Google Drive

Emails Optimized for Cloud Content Storage

  • Message bodies converted into PDFs for easy preview and rapid, indexed search

  • PDF messages automatically saved with your naming convention, ex. 20180115-Proposal.pdf (date stamp - subject name)

  • Attachments saved separately and conveniently linked to the PDF message

  • Meta-data added to all saved messages and attachments, allows for powerful searches like “find me all documents from"

Track & Automatically Secure Every Attachment

Automatically track all attachments and control them even after delivery

  • Track every attachment per recipient down to the zip code

  • Always-on tracking or user triggered options​

  • Automatically deliver files with the appropriate security: expire in 7 days, require password authentication, read-only and more

  • Works across every device and every email program

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