Email Governance & Security

cost reducing & smart

mxHERO is a digital bridge between your email systems and cloud storage, helping you preserve, protect & manage critical emails & attachments with minimal impact on users

Extend the ROI of cloud content management platform investments!

Automatically move selective emails from users & archives into your cloud.

Reduce email induced data leakage by > 90%. 

Provide automated email management.


Email Governance & Content Harvesting

Capture & intelligently file email messages to cloud content platforms

Email is critical content but also a liability. mxHERO moves critical messages to your content storage service to protect against breaches and retention policies.

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Email Management

Automatically sort email messages to cloud storage folders

Email is critical content that is hard to manage. mxHERO can help you use your existing cloud storage system for your email content resulting in greater productivity and visibility.

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Email Security: Data Protection

Never let a confidential document leave unprotected through email again!

Email explodes sensitive content inside & outside the organization. mxHERO ensures this critical data stays in a single repository - your content platform, without sacrificing productivity. mxHERO automatically moves file attachments to your cloud storage service and adds a secure link, keeping files out of email - away from email data sprawl and breaches.

mxHERO reduces email data sprawl by 90% - check your email attachment risk

mxHERO integrates with your existing technology

mxHERO integrates with every email system, your DLP, and best-of-breed enterprise cloud content platforms. Best of all, mxHERO brings these different systems together into a unified whole unleashing synergies greater than the sum of their parts.


Easy integration with all DLP and border systems like Proofpoint,  Mimecast.



mxHERO is a unique & new solution solving persistent challenges of ...

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Data Security

Automatically protect content sent through email - inside & outside the organization

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Email Content


Auto-file and classify email communications for easy discovery across mailboxes

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Governance /

Data Hygiene

Reduce costs & complexity by intelligently moving emails and/or attachments out of email archives and into your cloud storage


Key Benefits for the Organization

  • 90% reduction in data sprawl

  • 88% reduction malicious attachment exposure

  • Control access to files shared via email, even when sent externally

  • Easy & gradual deployment (<1hr)

  • Best-of-breed cloud platform integration
    leverage all cloud storage capabilities including add-ons and 3rd party integrations

Key Benefits for the User

  • No change to email usage

  • Works from every device

  • Better end-user email experience
    (e.g. send larger attachments)

  • Control & visibility over delivery

  • Auto-organization of files & versions

  • Cloud storage integration (mobile, etc.) 

Admin + Security

Easy to run, easy to trust, no change management

mxHERO takes less than an hour to deploy across the largest organizations. The service can be gradually rolled out and proof-of-concept trial deployments are fully supported and offered at no cost. mxHERO acts as a router and retains no data - your information is stored on your cloud storage.


The mxHERO Difference

Fundamental Protection

Fixing root causes.

Not more duck tape.


A fundamental transformation of email delivered without end-user disruption. mxHERO corrects flaws in email's architecture to resolve insurmountable information security, governance, and productivity impediments plaguing organizations for decades.


A unique server-side, high performance production engine, processing millions of emails daily across enterprises of all sizes. Integrations between all email systems and best of breed cloud content management platforms.

Fast and Easy Integration

Delivery across the largest enterprises within 30 minutes. Capable of gradual deployments to facilitate rollout. Flexible configuration and extensible API to meet the diverse needs across any type of organization.

Client Testimonials

"With its lightweight and system-agnostic approach, mxHERO has significantly streamlined our email management process. What was a painful and highly tedious manual process that took at least 5 minutes per correspondence, now takes just a few seconds."


Dimas Brataadiredja

Head of Strategy & Business Operations at Dolby