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Defense Against Malicious Email

Ensure all email attachments are previewed away from your organization and employee devices

Email is the #1 Vector of Attack

Email is the easiest to exploit gap in your organization's defenses. Whether a computer virus pandemic or a targeting phishing attack, email attachments are the primary vehicle for malicious code into your company.

When unsuspecting employees open email attachments on their computers, malicious code is released. Often these files are broken due to the virus content or otherwise irrelevant to the recipient. However, even if the employee deletes the attachment, it's too late. The virus has already installed itself and is propagating across your organization.


Attachments opened locally put the organization at risk

Ensure Attachments Previewed Away from the Organization and User Devices 


Potentially malicious files are isolated & previewed away from the organization and employee devices

MxHero allows for a simple to implement solution  for keeping email borne attachments accessible yet safely outside of the organization:

  1. All inbound attachments are automatically moved out of the email and placed into the company's cloud content management system (ex. Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive, ShareFile). Cloud preview links to moved attachments are placed in the email.

  2. When employees receive the email, they click on the preview links and safely view attachments through powerful cloud file viewers.

  3. Files that are relevant can then be downloaded, if needed. Malicious code is prevented from reaching the user.

Security with No End User Effort

Ideal for companies that need better email security but can't depend on user action.

  • No end user training required. No end user software to install

  • Health care, finance and legal easily meet HIPAA, FINRA, SOX etc. without concerns around user adoption

  • Works with all email systems and devices (phone, laptop, desktop, etc.)

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