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About mxHERO

About us

mxHERO is a San Francisco, California-based software company and creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge. mxHERO's cloud-based email technology allows enterprise customers and public sector agencies to automatically and intelligently capture email and email-based attachment for auto-routing into their organization's cloud content platforms. mxHERO works in real-time bi-directionally (for sent/received) email content captures and supports the intelligent harvesting of at-rest or legacy email content to improve digital insights, expand the value of digital content, support workflow automation and to reduce the risks inherent with ransom and cyber-security threats specific to email.


mxHERO continues to gain market share inside of the 1.5 billion global enterprise email user addressable market, in fact some 13,000 companies and over 1,000,000 users have benefitted from mxHERO's technology.  mxHERO works with all email systems including O365, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, and Google's Gmail. The solution also natively integrates with customer preferred enterprise content clouds including Google Workspace, Microsoft OneDrive, Egnyte, Dropbox, and the Box Content Cloud.  mxHERO is the back-to-back Astors Platinum Awardee (2019 and 2020) for "Best U.S. Homeland Email Security Application" and a former Box Elite "Partner of the Year".  mxHERO alliances support global access to the solution with alliances supporting Israel, Europe, UK, the Americas, and Japan.  Some 50% of mxHERO's business is international and security related.


mxHERO is a privately-held Delaware, USA-registered corporation with HQ offices in San Francisco, California.  mxHERO is backed by private, institutional and corporate investors including White Star Capital.

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