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Ransom Radar

Protect your organization from dangerous email attachments with safe file preview

Ransomware is on the rampage

As the number of ransomware incidents skyrocket, it's clear that today's security solutions aren't enough.

It's time to introduce a missing factor ... the human.

mxHERO, three-time, back to back (2019, 2020 & 2021) recipient of Astors Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best Email Security Solution, has created an easy to deploy email attachment security solution that extends traditional security solutions with the power of the human mind.


"Should I open this attachment?"

Today, every email attachment is a dangerous game of Russian roulette
Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply & safely preview every attachment before opening it on your local device?

"Should I open this attachment?" is a question made thousands, if not a million times a day. How can you know if an attachment is that document you're expecting or a ransomware laced file that has gotten through the anti-virus?


mxHERO Ransom Radar ensures safe preview of all email attachments, by default and across every device


We don't use X-Ray machines by themselves, why should we use an anti-virus by itself?

How it works: augment automated virus scanning with powerful human inspection

mxHERO creates a digital bridge between your emails & your cloud storage service (MS OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Egnyte supported). When your organization receives an email with an attachment, the attachment is uploaded to your cloud storage and replaced with a preview link. Every attachment has to be previewed through secure cloud storage preview before being downloaded. The process is completely automatic & requires no user effort. 

Attachments are uploaded to your cloud storage and replaced with a preview link so users can safely preview attachments before opening them on their devices.


Step by step towards greater security...


All attachments get isolated for safe preview before entering your organization, giving visual inspection a chance to prevent viral exposure.

See it in action ...

Video demo: automatic protection from malicious email attachments using Box. Similar functionality supported with MS OneDrive, Egnyte & Google Drive (1m 30s)

mxHERO combines the best business cloud services with Microsoft Office 365


mxHERO Ransom Radar
is non-disruptive to your existing workflows 

No end user effort required
mxHERO automatically uploads email attachments into per recipient / per subject folders in your cloud storage so that you can easily control file access by recipient at any time.
Same look and feel
mxHERO removes attachments but preserves the paperclip by including a small PDF file called, "attachments.pdf". This file is digitally signed to prevent falsification and is added to keep the "paperclip" that users expect to see when looking for emails that have attachments.
Leverage powerful cloud storage features
All attachments uploaded take full advantage of the features and capabilities of your cloud storage service. For example, if you have Box with Box Shield, you will automatically benefit from additional anti-virus scanning included as part of Box Shield.
uses mxHERO

"Content Security is a core principle of Box's strategy, and with mxHero Mail2Cloud, we extend that capability to valuable email-based content. Together, it is a powerful tool for the enterprise."

Paul Chapman

former CIO at Box


White Paper examining the benefits of secure preview
Weaponized Email Attachments — A Solution for the Enterprises of Tomorrow

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