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Email Governance

cost reducing & smart

Intelligent capture & filing of critical email records across the organization

Move email content from archives, servers and inboxes to your cloud storage service.


  • cut storage costs

  • increase data security

  • improve internal productivity

  • decrease email over retention liability


Inbox size reduction

Reduce & secure user inboxes

Email was never designed to be a system of record. Evergrowing user inboxes are a productivity and security nightmare. Large inboxes slow down email clients, swamp end users, consume device space and are targets for valuable information by cyber-criminals.


mxHERO can move emails and/or attachments out of target user inboxes into the organization’s secure cloud storage platform. The end result is content secured out of vulnerable inboxes and a reduction of up to nearly 90% in inbox storage.

Video demo of mxHERO inbox thinning

  • Reduce inbox sizes by up to 90% without changing access to your messages

  • Move email or only email attachments to your secure cloud

  • Replace moved attachments with links to cloud stored files

Reduce liabilities

Enable retention policies, without losing what is needed

Email is a liability and a treasure trove for an opposition’s legal team. Retention policies allow you to reduce your risk, but the challenge is keeping those emails that are important business records.


mxHERO allows you to be aggressive with your retention strategy, by selectively capturing email that you want and moving it to your secure cloud storage before deletion. Selection of email content can either be fully automated based on your configuration, or user driven with simple drag and drop.


mxHERO selectively removes important content into your cloud service prior to retention policy deletion

Reduce archiving costs

Use generous cloud storage quotas to replace your expensive email archive

Many cloud storage service subscriptions include large quotas, even unlimited. mxHERO can allow you to move email out of expensive, dedicated email storage systems into your cloud storage, enabling you to realize immediate benefits of reducing your storage costs.


Accumulated contribution of attachments to total storage costs vs. attachments replaced with cloud storage links.


Estimates based on a 1,000 employee company using

MS Exchange & a low cost archive solution.

source: ROI Calculator

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