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Outlook Plugin

The MxHero Outlook plugin is a downloadable software compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007+ for Windows. The plugin can be installed by individuals on their own devices (laptops, desktops).

Drag & Drop emails directly to your cloud storage directly from within Outlook.

Rapid Search & Open emails saved to your cloud without leaving Outlook.

Learn more about the Mail2Cloud Plugin here

Mail2Cloud Platform

The MxHero Platform is a SaaS product* providing powerful email security, capture, analysis and filing capabilities. The Platform is a server-side solution that can connect to any organization's email service.

Automatically capture, classify & file email content (message & attachments) in real-time or from archives to your cloud.


Automatically replace attachments w/ secure links.

Includes the Outlook plugin.

* on-premises options available

Mail2Cloud attachment to

file url replacement

Mail2Cloud intelligent capture and filing of email message & attachments to cloud content storage

Learn more about Mail2Cloud Platform

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