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Products & Features

Email content collaboration, digital hygiene & security products to meet your needs!

Product Bundles

In order to better deliver Mail2Cloud Platform benefits, mxHERO is offering preconfigured bundles aimed at addressing common requirements for specific industries and use cases.

mxHERO Product Bundles

  1. mxHERO for Legal QuickStart

    • mxHERO designed for the small (up to 20 person) legal firms or legal business units

  2. mxHERO Email Attachment Protection

    • Preconfigured & unique solution for automatically protecting email ​attachments even after they are delivered (for 1 or more users)

  3. mxHERO Ransom Radar

    • Allow users to safely preview all email attachments that come into your ​organization before opening them. Identify suspicious content from a secure distance.

Mail2Cloud Platform

mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud Platform is a digital bridge allowing for the intelligent capture of both at-rest and in-flight bi-directionally flowing email and email attachments. mxHERO is a software-as-a-service solution requiring no end-user training or software to be installed.  It works with every email system and supports content management platform services including Google Workspace (Drive), Microsoft OneDrive, Egnyte, Dropbox for Teams and the Box Content Cloud. With mxHERO, customers can automatically capture, classify & file email content (message & attachments) in real-time or from archives to customer preferred cloud and hybrid content management platforms.  Automatically replace attachments with secure MFA accessible or auto-expiring content links.

Our products support:

  1. The capture of at-rest content from legacy email archives (e.g. Exchange)

  2. The capture of at-rest content from employee inboxes (e.g. email and attachments older than X days old) both representing strong digital hygiene outcomes for mxHERO’s customers

  3. The capture of outbound targeted content to external actors to ensure sending organizations maintain control over externally targeted digital content payloads and to provide a record of key correspondence with constituents.

  4. The capture of inbound targeted content such that inbound content attachments (and email body) have the benefit of our customer content cloud investments.  mxHERO can also intelligently capture such inbound content based on content /type/ including invoices, legal court cases, matter number-aligned correspondence, study site and HR related information, etc.


Mail2Cloud attachment to

file url replacement


Mail2Cloud intelligent capture and filing of email message & attachments to cloud content storage

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