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mxHERO Email Attachment Protection

Keeping your email attachments safe ...
 ... even after they're delivered

After you've sent an email attachment, what's keeping it safe?

Around 75% of organizations have been breached. (zdnet)

Even without breaches, emails are mishandled. In SMBs this happens thousands of times a year, and worse for larger organizations. (Tessian)

mxHERO, three-time, back to back (2019, 2020 & 2021) recipient of Astors Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best Email Security Solution, has created an easy to deploy email attachment security solution that will provide automatic (read, no user effort) protection to every file you send out through email.


mxHERO Email Attachment Protection keeps you in control of your email attachments wherever your emails end up

How it works: the secret is in your cloud

mxHERO creates a digital bridge between your emails & your cloud storage service (MS OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Egnyte supported). When you send an email with an attachment, the attachment is uploaded to your cloud storage and replaced with a secure link. The process is completely automatic & requires no user effort. Just send attachments as always!

Attachments are secured in your cloud before delivery.

A self-expiring link, that you control at all times, is delivered instead.

End to end encryption of email attachments.


See it in action ...

Video demo: automatic protection of email attachments with OneDrive.

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte & SharePoint also supported (1m 40s)

mxHERO combines the best business cloud services with your email system

mxHERO Attachment Protection
gives you additional superpowers 

Self-expiring attachment links keep you safe
Normal email attachments are forever a risk, because they are rarely deleted and are constantly a target for breaches and mishandled email. mxHERO auto-expires links to every attachment you sent. You configure how long they last.
Deny access to email attachments at any time
mxHERO uploads email attachments into per recipient / per subject folders in your cloud storage so that you can easily prevent file access for a recipient at any time.
Send oversized email - 100Mb+
With standard email attachments, emails can't typically be larger than 10MB before they can't be delivered. If you use MS O365 or Exchange, mxHERO allows you to send emails up to 100MB+ in size.
Track every delivery
Every attachment is automatically tracked. Unlike read receipts, mxHERO tracking can't be circumvented. If your recipient accesses your attachment, you will know in real-time.
End-to-End Encryption
Every attachment is assured end to end (sender to recipients) encrypted delivery for greater safety and to meet stringent regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA)
uses mxHERO Email Attachment Protection

"Content Security is a core principle of Box's strategy, and with mxHero Mail2Cloud, we extend that capability to valuable email-based content. Together, it is a powerful tool for the enterprise."

Paul Chapman

former CIO at Box

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