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Email Content Management

automated & intelligent

Automated management of the most sensitive digital asset in your company

“mxHERO has significantly streamlined our email management process. What was a painful and highly tedious manual process that took at least 5 minutes per correspondence, now takes just a few seconds.”


- Dimas Brataadiredja

Director of Strategy & Business Operations at Dolby

Flexible Automation

Email management that’s accurate & easy

Imagine a world where the most important emails and attachment-based content in your organization were automatically and intelligently filed into powerful cloud & hybrid content management platforms.


Supports: Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox Teams

Video demo of mxHERO automatic filing

Asset 45.png
Capture emails as they are received across the organization
  • ​Auto-file messages (& attachments) by client, project, patient, matter … or however you define
  • Authorized search from any device - mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Organize old email repositories with modern cloud storage
  • MxHero allows you to do just that and much more

Easy to use

Drag & Drop from email to cloud folder

MxHERO’s central administration panel remotely creates custom folders directly in end user email accounts. Emails moved into these folders are intelligently filed to the correct folder in the organization’s cloud storage.


  • No software required by end user

  • Compatible with every email program

  • Compatible with every device (mobile, laptop, etc.)

  • Flexible auto-filing folders can be configured by user, group (e.g. business unit) or the entire organization - each with their own filing hierarchies.

Video demo of mxHERO drag & drop email to cloud folders

Optimized for your cloud

Email content optimized for native cloud storage search & collaboration

Flexible options for saving email content in your cloud content system:


  • Message bodies converted into PDFs for easy preview and rapid, indexed search

  • PDF messages automatically saved with your naming convention. Ex. 20180115-Proposal.pdf (date stamp - subject name)

  • Attachments saved separately and conveniently linked to the PDF message

  • Meta-data added to all saved messages and attachments, allows for powerful searches like “find me all documents from

Video demo of email search optimized by mxHERO

Asset 55.png

Optimized for rapid, native storage search:


  • Email saved to cloud storage, enriched with  metadata

  • Message saved as a text searchable PDF

  • Attachments saved separately in native format

  • Original message saved in native eml or msg format (to open and action email from your email client, e.g., Outlook)

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