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mxHERO for Legal
Quick Start Package

Powerful email security & content management made so simple you don't have to lift a finger

Email drives your business but protecting & managing it shouldn't be your business 

mxHERO, two-time, back to back (2019 & 2020) recipient of Astors Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best Email Security Solution, has created a Quick Start Package designed to bring legal firms a new level of security and management over their sensitive email communications.


The mxHERO Quick Start Package for Legal is low cost, effective, and won't interrupt your practice or introduce complexity. It's advanced technology that works for you, without requiring you to work for it.

mxHERO puts email into your familiar cloud storage,
making emails as easy to manage as files.


Quick Start for Legal gives you three core superpowers 

You choose what you want to use - it's all included 
Protect your old emails


Auto-file your on-going correspondence


Secure emails sent outside your firm


#1) Protect your old emails

Old emails go to your cloud storage, safe from email disasters and easy to find when needed...

  • Protect your email correspondence from hackers

  • Manage & share emails safer and easier from your cloud storage

  • Save space on your devices

Video demo of mxHERO Data Hygiene archiving (1m 13s)


"mxHERO's technology integrated seamlessly with our law firm's Box Content Cloud platform and Microsoft Outlook. This immediately enhanced our document management experience by streamlining our retention and organization processes across over 700 client files. In addition, mxHERO's tech support and customer service teams were very responsive and helpful."


-Mary Fox and Matt Lincicum, Partners at Fortem IP.

#2 Automatically organize on-going email conversations

Automatically sort email correspondence into cloud storage folders ... real-time!

  • Correspondence auto-organized in realtime

  • Easily managed, just like a file, in your secure cloud storage

Video demo of email correspondence capture using Box.

Dropbox, MS OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive & Egnyte also supported (1m 39s)

#3) Protect Emails sent outside your firm

Secure your emails even when they're sitting in some else's inbox

  • Protect your email attachments from breaches & email mishandling, always and without effort

  • Revoke attachment access even after message delivery

  • Send large attachments (e.g., 100M+)

Video demo: automatic protection of email attachments with OneDrive.

Other cloud storage services also supported (1m 40s)


White Paper looking at the Future of Document Management Systems (DMS)
The Future of Work: Rethinking Document Management Systems (DMS)

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