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mxHERO for Government

Powerful email security & content management for public sector agencies

A quick-start for Digital Hygiene and Security

Local and State agencies are moving fast to adopt to new cloud-powered technologies for their compliance, security, workflow automation and cyber-security initiatives.  As they continue to adopt cloud platforms for their agency digital content, combining these strategies to the most robust set of digital content is vital.  At mxHERO, we extend the advantages of agency content platform investments to the most ubiquitous technology in the public-sector application supply chain:  email.
Compliance, discovery, content governance, and security are paramount and mxHERO extends these capabilities for our public-sector state and local agencies.  Our Mail2Cloud technology provides the digital hygiene and real-time bi-directional content capture capabilities needed to achieve these important goals.  Under our state-local public sector quick-start packages, agencies can quickly realize a time-to-value outcome in <90 minutes with a deployment of mxHERO.

mxHERO puts email into your agency's cloud storage,
making emails as easy to manage as files.


Quick Start for Government gives your organization core superpowers 

You choose what you want to use - it's all included 
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Digital Hygiene


Attachment Security


Malicious Attachment Protection


#1) Digital Hygiene

Protect against content-sprawl. Old emails go to your cloud storage, safe from email disasters (e.g. device failures, system breaches) and easy to find when needed...

  • Protect your email correspondence from hackers

  • Manage & share emails safer and easier from your cloud storage

  • Save space on your devices

With this package, agencies can intelligently harvest at-rest email-based content (email body and attachments) for auto-uplifts into targeted content management platforms.  By reducing the at-rest exposure of digital content within employee email accounts, the risk or surface area pursuant to ransom attacks is diminished - we help you get the content before the bad guys do!  A capture example might be:  "Any email or attachment >x days old, auto-uplift into the content cloud".   Agencies can attain a 90%+ reduction in email-based content at-rest under this novel approach.

Read more:

Video demo of mxHERO Data Hygiene archiving (1m 13s)

Strategic Partner - Carahsoft

"We are proud to partner with the teams at mxHERO and Box to bring these benefits to the public sector."


- Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft President


Check out our TechSpotlight assets in partnership with Carahsoft:


#2) Attachment Security

Secure your emails even when they're sitting in some else's inbox

  • Protect your attachments from breaches & email mishandling, always and without effort

  • Revoke attachment access even after message delivery

  • Send large attachments (e.g., 100M+)

Today, users send digital assets via email.  When they do, myriad problems ensue such as file size limits, loss of version control, content sprawl, external of agency breach risks with shared assets, and loss of 'sender' control once they've hit send.  There is a better way.  With mxHERO, agencies can ensure their digital assets remain under their control even after sending.  Need one set of rules applicable to internal actors vs. a separate set of security rules for content access for external actors copied on the SAME email communication?  No problem with mxHERO!  External recipients can have access set to View Only or even auto-expiring access to any content shared with them - all set by rule with no end-user intervention.

Read more:

Video demo: automatic protection of email attachments with OneDrive.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & Egnyte also supported (1m 40s)


"The greatest digital tools are the ones you do not even know you're using!"

"mxHERO was such a boon!"

Vikram Jadhav

Chief Digital Officer

Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System


#3 Malicious Attachment Protection

Automatically sort email correspondence into cloud storage folders ... real-time!

  • Correspondence auto-organized in realtime

  • Easily managed, just like a file, in your secure cloud storage

Today, email is the #1 vector of attack by the bad guys.  They exploit our 'blind' approach to downloading digital assets sent into organizations via email attachments.  With mxHERO, we can auto-invoke a user capability to 'preview' digital content sent to them by an outside actor before they elect to act on that content.  Relying on perimeter defenses alone is not sufficient, with mxHERO users  can intelligently decide whether an asset is safe while invoking the security capabilities of their content platforms for inbound content.
Read more:

Video demo: automatic protection from malicious email attachments using Box. Similar functionality supported with MS OneDrive, Egnyte & Google Drive (1m 30s)


"With the newly announced mxHERO and Carahsoft partnership, Box customers in the public sector will now have the ability to expand their digital content collaboration footprint, while reducing their security threat landscape."

Rand Wacker, VP Industry Solutions - Box


Find out more

To find out more and to gain a 90-day free deployment of mxHERO, contact us for special public sector pricing.  Let us help you to be more secure, compliant and aligned to the Future of Work!
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