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Digital Hygiene

Take control of your email content sprawl for powerful information security & email asset management.

When email content is 'everywhere' - it is not valuable anywhere, it's a security risk and content search is a challenge at best!

"There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don't know they have been hacked." -John Chambers, former CEO Cisco

mxHERO, recipient of the Astors Platinum Award for "Best U.S. Homeland Email Security Application" (2019, 2020 & 2021), is a cloud-based digital bridge providing for automated and rule-based capture of email and email attachments for auto-routing into client preferred enterprise content cloud platforms.


"Where's my content?"

Email as a system contributes to content sprawl placing organizations at risk and providing a direct threat surface of attack by ill-intended actors

Few IT leaders have business intelligence around their email usage, in fact, analytics suggest that a mid-sized organization with some 1,000 employees will generate nearly 40 million duplicate files per year via email attachments.  This is astounding and a fuel-source of ransom attack and ill-intended actor exploits.


Estimate your content sprawl in seconds with our ROI calculator

mxHERO's Digital Hygiene solution offers a non-disruptive way for enterprises and agencies to address their email-based content sprawl challenges while adding security, search and workflow advantages for that same content!

How it works: centrally configured rules select, move & optimize emails for management in your cloud storage.

Time to value for most clients: < 90 minutes for a a full deployment!

Using mxHERO's cloud-based and intuitive dashboard, the organization defines which emails should be moved into the organization's cloud storage service. An unlimited combination of options allow companies to create bespoke rules defining what is captured and where/how it is saved in the cloud. Organizations can target specific senders, recipients, or key words in the subject, message body or attachments. Automated search can look for patterns like social security numbers, customer IDs, etc. Other filters include email date so that mxHERO acts only on messages six months or older - as an example. Finally, different rules can be set for different users, business units, the organization as a whole or just outbound email messages - to name a few options.

Once identified and captured, emails are moved to cloud storage and auto-filed in predefined storage accounts and folders. Importantly, messages are optimized for the cloud storage environment leveraging storage capabilities like custom metadata, governance features, versioning and security settings.


mxHERO lifts emails out of archives, servers and inboxes and optimizes them for cloud storage content management.

mxHERO combines the best business cloud services with cloud & on-premises email systems


mxHERO Digital Hygiene
is non-disruptive to your existing workflows 

No end user effort required
mxHERO automatically uploads email and/or their attachments into the organization's cloud storage services using centrally defined rules, requiring to effort by the end user.
Reduce costs & extend your existing investment
mxHERO moves & optimizes email content within your existing infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Reduce costs of email storage systems and quotas while taking advantage of ample storage limits you already pay for from cloud storage.
Leverage powerful cloud storage features
All email content uploaded take full advantage of the features and capabilities of your cloud storage service including powerful metadata driven search, retention policies, security settings, etc.
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