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Email Security

effortless & intelligent

A unique approach to email security that requires no end user effort

“If security isn’t automatic, all bets are off. What I really like about mxHERO is how it’s transparent to the user.”

- Defense Contractor Chief Information Security Officer

The Danger of Attachments and What To Do About Them

When cybercriminals strike ...


Dec. 13, 2020 Updated Dec. 14, 2020, 6:49 a.m. ET

“The Trump administration acknowledged on Sunday that hackers acting on behalf of a foreign government — almost certainly a Russian intelligence agency, according to federal and private experts — broke into a range of key government networks, including in the Treasury and Commerce Departments, and had free access to their email systems.”

... email is a prime target.

Seamless security

Imagine if security was built in to your organization’s email, requiring no user training. mxHERO extends the powerful security & governance of your content platform to emails and attachments.



Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox Teams

  • Automatic replacement of email attachments with secure cloud storage links

  • Powerful rules engine sets appropriate security based on sender/recipient, key words, attachment content, etc.

  • Central control via web based Administration Panel

Video demo of mxHERO automatic attachment security


Auto-classify content and auto-secure by content and per recipient with the power of your cloud storage:


  • Auto-expire links after X days

  • Require authentication

  • Prevent download (view only)

  • Track document open Revoke access after delivery

  • Send large files

Merging your content storage with your email for security without the disruption

Isolating the attacker

Prevent malicious email attachments from reaching your users

Malicious files get through even the best defenses. Recent events have revealed massive breaches despite billions spent on cyber-defenses. Zero-days, and a sophisticated adversary find paths to unprepared users. mxHERO keeps dangerous attachments away from users so they can be  safely previewed in cloud storage before download.

Common attack vector
without mxHERO
Asset 14.png

Video demo of mxHERO attachment isolation

With mxHERO
Attack isolated for inspection & additional cloud storage virus scanning
Asset 12.png
  • Always-on safe attachment inspection prior to download

  • IT controlled white listing

  • Cloud storage download prevention (preview only)

  • Cloud storage SIEM integration

Security beyond your borders

You might trust your own security, but what about everyone with whom you share sensitive content?

Email requires that you trust your security and the security of everyone with whom you communicate. Any access (mistaken or malicious) to an email renders full & untraceable admittance to its content.


mxHERO ensures that content is protected in a single, secure repository of your cloud storage. With cloud storage features like Box Shield™ you get real-time alerts upon breach events … even outside of your network.

The standard email model puts your content at extreme risk

Asset 44.png

mxHero ensures that email content is protected at all times with the advanced security of the content systems you  trust


Security inside your borders

Bad actors will get in. Here's your plan.

With a majority of organizations reporting breaches, prudent strategies include the assumtion of breach, deception and data concealment.


Digital Hygiene and auto-extraction of content from email with mxHERO prevents access to content when email systems are compromised.

without mxHERO ...


Email Breach with Attachments

Breach of email accounts, servers or archives yields all attached documents

Asset 49.png

with mxHERO ...


Email Breach with cloud links Breach of email accounts, servers or archives denies cybercriminal file content

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