Email Collaboration

easily done and productive

A completely new approach

Let MxHero Intelligence Auto-File Emails for You

Imagine if you could share an email just like you could a document in your cloud storage.

  • No need for message forwarding to share

  • Keep total control over shared emails

  • Leverage powerful collaboration tools

  • Documents and communications in one place


MxHero allows you to do just that and much more.

Email Collaboration as it Should Be

  • Drag & Drop emails to your cloud or have MxHero’s powerful rules based engine analyze your messages and file them for you

    Organize by:

    • client

    • matter

    • project


...or however works best for your business

Share Email as a Secure Link

  • Share a secure link to an email instead of forwarding it and adding to your inbox confusion

  • Control (revoke, limit) access to the message instead of giving it away

Discuss Emails Outside of Email

  • Comment on the messages without sending them back and forth

  • Simplify confusing email threads by keeping the internal conversation out of the external conversation

  • Eliminate embarrassing and costly "reply-all" mistakes that include the wrong people

  • Create tasks and assign to team members

Share Emails Quickly and Safely with Your Team

  • Put emails, like documents, into shared cloud folders

  • No email forwarding and needing to remember everyone to include

  • Modify who has access to shared emails when needed

Find Important Messages ... 

Across Your Whole Team

  • Find the communications you need - whether sent to you or a teammate

    • all communications with a customer or client

    • correspondence around a specific project

  • ​Don’t get cut off from the emails you need when team members are out on vacation or have left the company