Email Security & Governance

effortless and intelligent

Email Security & Compliance Transparent to End Users

Security & Governance without the Disruption

MxHero for 

information security & governance

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Imagine if security was built in to your organization's email, requiring no user training. MxHero extends the powerful security & governance of your content platform to emails and attachments.

  • Automatic security & governance of email content

  • Meet secure email compliance without end user software or training

  • Central control via web based Administration Panel

  1. Email sent with an attachment

  2. Attachment classified & uploaded to cloud storage

  3. Secure cloud link added to email

  4. Email attachment delivered as a secure cloud link

...automatic, no end user action or software required

Secure Email Automatically & Intelligently

MxHero and leading content management services (Box, Egnyte, etc.) are a powerful secure email solution. MxHero captures all email in real-time and based on flexible rules can deliver email content directly through secure cloud links

  • Detect emails with sensitive information like Social Security numbers and replace with link to an encrypted cloud storage preview

  • Ensure that files & cloud links sent through email within your organization can only be accessed internally - even if accidentally forwarded or stolen

  • Set all attachments sent externally to expire access in 7 days (or any other duration)

Protect Against Phishing & Viruses

cloud storage preview of attachments

Automatically ensure that all inbound email attachments previewed before user download

  • Inbound attachments uploaded to secure cloud storage and replaced with preview links in email

  • Employees must access secure file preview before downloading attachments

  • Effective method for keeping malicious file content off end user devices

  1. All emails received after mxHero replaces potentially malicious files behind secure cloud storage preview links

  2. End users required to securely preview content before download for every device. No end user software required.

Security with No End User Effort

Ideal for companies that need better email security but can't depend on user action.

  • No end user training required. No end user software to install

  • Health care, finance and legal easily meet HIPAA, FINRA, SOX etc. without concerns around user adoption

  • Acts on email sent from any email system or device (phone, laptop, desktop, etc.)

Contain Email Data Sprawl

Legacy Email Governance
  • High Costs for multiple components

  • Content sprawl across silos

  • IT Skill Set & Support burden

  • Risks of leakage & over retention multiplied across platforms

Email Governance with mxHero &
cloud storage
  • Single Pane of Glass

  • Content consolidation, IT simplification, reduced costs

  • Content based intelligent security

  • Cloud storage Governance, search, collaboration & mobility