Cloud Content Management meets

Microsoft Outlook

Integrating Powerful Content Management with Outlook

mxHero for Outlook 2.0

All the benefits of our original Save&Share Outlook plugin (see below) plus:

Multiple platforms: Outlook for Windows, Mac and OWA

Supports all desktop Outlook platforms, including Outlook Web Access. Outlook for mobile coming soon.


Save​ emails and attachments with custom metadata, e.g. Client ID, Matter number, etc. Enables rapid discovery with custom tags.

Send large files

Attach files stored in your cloud storage as links directly in your emails.

Video demo (using Box)
Data sheets: Company, Individual
Integrates: Box & Egnyte Cloud Content Storage

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mxHero Save & Share

legacy Outlook plugin supporting Box & Egnyte

Put important email correspondence in your content storage solution (Box, or Egnyte) so that you can:


Why search through your Inbox when you have all client content (documents & emails - yours & team members) in the same readily accessible cloud folder


Mobile phone, coffee shop or departure lounge - access all content where you need it, when you need it.


Securely share important messages without having to forward a full copy

14 Day Free Trial

Requires: Outlook 2007 or better

Integrations: Box, Egnyte

File Emails to Cloud Storage in seconds


Imagine if you could save email directly from Outlook to your cloud storage (Box, Egnyte, etc.)

  • Show your cloud folders directly in Outlook

  • Upload messages directly to your folders

  • Email attachments stored in your cloud

  • Share & Respond to emails saved in your cloud

  • Search & open emails stored in your cloud from Outlook​

14 Day Free Trial

Requires: Outlook 2007 or better

Integrations: Box, Egnyte

Intelligent Filing

More than just moving messages to your cloud storage, mxHero does a lot of other work so you don’t have to

PDF conversion of email message. Images, links & formatting preserved.

Links to any attachments added.

PDF Message Conversion

Email message bodies are automatically converted and saved to PDF

Automatic Naming

Emails are automatically saved according to easy & meaningful file names, e.g. 2018-05-12_proposal.pdf

Email message converted to PDF & automatically filed using a user defined naming convention

Message PDF has links to saved attachments

Metadata is added to the PDF and all saved attachments for lightening fast search

Attachments Saved & Linked

Attachments are saved separately and linked in the message PDF (above)

Metadata on all files saved

Meta-data is added to both message & attachments allowing for lightening fast search (Box video, Egnyte video) by sender, recipient, date ranges ...

Unified Experience of the Cloud and Email

Being tightly integrated to Outlook and Cloud Storage, mxHero provides a fast and intuitive experience:

  • Visual tagging for easy find & sort

  • Context menu shortcut for saved email to Cloud Storage folder

  • Create & access Cloud Storage folders and mark "favorites" from within Outlook

  • Search Cloud Storage folders from within Outlook

  • Use share cloud folders to collaborative management and access to emails

Discuss Emails Outside of Email

  • Comment on the messages without sending them back and forth

  • Simplify confusing email threads by keeping the internal conversation out of the external conversation

  • Eliminate embarrassing and costly "reply-all" mistakes that include the wrong people

  • Create tasks and assign to team members

14 Day Free Trial

Requires: Outlook 2007 or better

Integrations: Box, Egnyte


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