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A unique and simple to use expiring password-protected email solution that extends the powerful advantages of the Box Content Cloud

Secure Email by mxHERO

When it absolutely has to be secure!

Never let a confidential document leave unprotected through email again!

auto-protect, revoke, and track email messages in real-time

How it Works

Send & Forget: mxHero secures content in Box and even sends a temporary password to your recipient for you

MxHero bridges the full power of the Box platform with your current email system, without asking your users to lift a finger. Security is automatic and therefore ensured. No risk that users will forget to protect what needs to be protected. It is also flexible, allowing users to choose when to increase security when necessary. Best of all, it works directly with your Box content platform. No additional silos to manage or worry about.

How it works
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User sends an email with sensitive information. Based on pre-configured rules, the outbound  email message and/or attachments are uploaded, enriched with meta-data and auto-filed to Box via mxHero's digital bridge. The message, now with auto-expiring Box links, is forwarded to the recipients. A secondary communication is sent by mxHero with the temporary password.  Auto-expiring URLs and "password access only" settings provide multi-defense layers to valuable outbound content.

See it in action ...

It's easy!

Completely automatic, no user action, no sender or recipient software required

Technology is only as good as its usability. The best security is useless if it isn't used. MxHero allows organizations to ensure sensitive content is securely delivered without end-user action.

As users send outgoing email, centralized rules will instantly activate the expiring password protection based on your specific requirements. MxHero then generates a random password allowing link access and forwards it to the intended recipient.


Example activation configurations:

  • Key words like "confidential" or "contract" are detected in email message or attachments

  • Special patterns, like social security numbers (PII) in transmitted content.

  • Emails sent to specific recipients, like clients.

  • Messages or attachments marked "confidential" with Microsoft Sensitivity labels.

The options are limitless and require no maintenance once configured in your mxHero dashboard.

Dare to dream and let us show you how to set up your ideal security configuration!

Advanced email security and ...
No end user software or training
No recipient software requirements
Works from every device, anywhere, all the time
and content is secured directly in Box

Auto-deliver messages and/or attachments with expiring passwords triggered by Microsoft Sensitivity Labels.

Improved Security!

From the moment you press "send", your email message and/or its attachments travel over encrypted channels

  1. SMTP-TLS: email client to mxHero secure gateway

  2. HTTPS/API: mxHero upload to Box

  3. SMTP-TLS: email to recipient

  4. HTTPS: Box delivery to recipient

MxHero works as a secure router, keeping no data.


More about mxHero secure architecture

Flexible configurations with Box

Leverage every security option available from Box:


  • Auto-expire links after X days

  • Require authentication

  • Prevent download (view only)

  • Track document opens

  • Revoke access after delivery

  • Send large files - 100Mb attachments become Box links

  • Auto-apply retention policies & legal holds

  • Trigger workflows with Box Relay

  • ... and much more


End-to-end security from the moment of send

to final delivery - always encrypted

Provides end-to-end encryption, with full access control and visibility

No end user software to install

  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook sensitivity labels

  • Auto-secure documents based on labels without user effort

Technology that's got your back

Ensure content is correctly secured at all times

Automatically set the correct access security on email content per recipient.


Mary is unaware that the document she is sending has been classified as "confidential". She sends it to two recipients, one inside her organization and another outside. By rule, the external collaborator has limited access to the document, while her internal colleague receives the file as normal.

Integrated with Box

Email protection that leverages all the power of the Box content platform

MxHero uniquely leverages Box for powerful secure email content delivery. Other solutions require you to manage secured content in yet-another-silo. With mxHero, you leverage the best enterprise cloud content management platform in the market.

Beyond security

With mxHero your secured email content is Box content. Use all the tools available to your Box service, like, Box Governance retention policies, Box Shield, Box Relay. Furthermore, mxHero optimizes email content in Box by automatically adding email metadata to everything it stores in Box. Search for secured attachments by sender, recipient, email date, etc.

Integrating with the Box Cloud Content Management Platform

Content is more secure in Box, including email.

 Leverage the full power of the Box platform.

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