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Email Data Security & Governance Diagnostic Report

Get your free custom diagnostic report.

Your inputs combined with breakthrough research.

Includes solutions with estimated impacts for each.

Generate your own custom report combining your organization's basic email metrics with mxHERO's groundbreaking research on email data threats.

Discover your organization's...

  • email data sprawl risk

    • how much information your company is exposing​

  • accidental deliveries

    • how many accidental email deliveries made annually to incorrect recipients

  • external data risk

    • how many files sent through email are held by external parties​

  • cybersecurity risk

    • how exposed your organization is to  email borne viruses & ransomware

  • sustainability

    • how much CO2 is your company generating from email usage ​


Get effective and easy to implement steps for reducing your email data threats including the quantitative impact of each.


More than 25 pages of detailed analysis, plus links to free diagnostic tools:

  • mxHERO ROI Calculator web tool

  • Email Data Security excel worksheet

    • All sources, references and methodology explained.

    • Fully editable for additional tweaking and customization.

Download to find out more.



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