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A New Approach To Shared Email Folders 

Secure, Collaborative & Efficient

By combining leading cloud storage with email , organizations can benefit from a powerful solution for shared email folders

What if you could have an email address tied to a cloud storage account? Email to that account would automatically be classified, filed and shared directly from your secure cloud.

  • Access email with the convenience & power of your cloud storage

  • Enjoy total mobility and rich collaboration features

  • No need to add multiple email accounts to users’ Outlook

An Email Address to Your Cloud

Target shared email addresses like “sales@“, “account_payable@“, to your cloud storage. Let mxHero automatically classify each message and file it to the correct folder based on your pre-defined criteria

Case Study: Intelligent Shared Address

Real case study of how an mxHero customer (large regional bank) solved a serious problem around their loan origination process by leveraging mxHero's intelligent filing address. (48 sec.)

Superior Email Collaboration

From Cloud Storage

  • avoid using multiple accounts in Outlook. Users share emails directly from the cloud;

  • secure access to emails and their attachments can be finely controlled with flexible permissions — limit access to view only (no download), time limit viewing to a few days, audit access to email records, revoke access at anytime …

  • chat and comment over emails without the need to forward messages back and forth in confusing email threads

  • options to leverage powerful search, workflow engines, AI and metadata capabilities of best of breed cloud storage services.

Share Emails Quickly and Safely with Your Team

  • Put emails, like documents, into shared cloud folders

  • No email forwarding and needing to remember everyone to include

  • Modify who has access to shared emails when needed

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