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mxHERO Labs

The future starts here...

Discover AI's potential for email!


Chat for Email

A ChatGPT App
Use the power of AI to make your life simpler
Lost in email?
Let powerful AI guide you through your inbox.
Too much email to read?
Use AI to help you summarize it down to meaningful bullet points.
Quickly get what you need from your email using state-of-the-art
Generative AI 
  • Find and distill long, multi-thread emails into easy to read, bullet points.

  • Leverage powerful GPT-4 for nuanced search like...

    • "Get me the email where Paul got excited about the project strategy.​"

  • Search both messages and attachments.

  • Ask for translations.​​

... and much more. 

Leverage the power of the most advanced AI on the planet

for your emails!

(service requirements, FAQ, support contact, etc.)

Read about Chat for Email on Medium...

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Use ChatGPT with your Emails -

Introducing "Chat for Email"

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