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Automatically set self-expiring Box links on email attachments

Radically improve enterprise content security by automatically setting self-expiring links (e.g., 7 days) on all outbound email attachments.

mxHERO comes with a preset 7-day expiration "security definition". To create a link expiration period of a different length, follow these steps:

Create a Security Definition

From the mxHERO Admin dashboard ( access "Security Definitions"

Click on the "Create" button

Define your security definition, setting the number of days you want to set for expiring links...

Make sure you save!

Create a Rule

Now create a new mxHERO rule...

Select "Protect Attachments"

Then start the configuration process by clicking "Start Rule Creation"

Select Action, "Attachments" ...

Set target to "Email Flow"

To create link expiration only on emails sent out from your domain (not emails exchanged within your domain or company), set the flow "To" field to "Anyone else." You can find this option by typing out "Anyone else."

In the Cloud Storage section open "Select a security option." In the menu find the Security Definition you just created.

Then save!

You are done. Now when users send emails outside the organization, links to their email attachments will be set to the expiration period you defined.

You can create multiple rules that define different expiration periods for specific domains or even individual recipients. You might consider setting different expiration for keywords found in the email or its attachments. Perhaps you want a different security setting when the email is marked "Confidential" by Microsoft security labels. The sky is the limit! If you would like a particular configuration and are unsure how it is configured, don't hesitate to reach out to your mxHERO representative.


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