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Never fail to send the correct document for signature with BoxSign

With a simple keyword in the email subject line, send the correct document for legally binding BoxSign signatures from any email!

Box disrupted the eSignature market by including a powerful eSignature solution with every professional Box account at no extra charge. However, many organizations find it difficult to get adoption by employees. To fully realize the benefits of BoxSign, Mail2Sign makes using BoxSign easier than using an email.

This Tip&Trick shows you how users can send a document for BoxSign'ing directly from email without even needing to find and attach the correct document.


  1. Almost no learning curve. Users only need to know the keyword assigned to a document. For example, #contract, #nda, [Waiver], or anything that works for the organization.

  2. The document can be shared by the legal department or whoever manages the legal documentation. This ensures that users never need to search for the correct file.

  3. Users can send from anywhere they use email, including their mobile devices.

The following video shows what the solution can look like and how to configure it.

👍 Pro Tip: Create multiple subject line keywords (hashtags) for different documents.


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