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Amazing synergy between mxHero & Gmail’s new UI!

MxHero’s ability to highlight cloud storage links in email gains even greater emphasis in Gmail’s radical design overhaul

Today I switched over to Gmail’s new UI. It is a great all around improvement. It’s fast and the new sidebars allow me to really improve the workspace while keeping important views, like my calendar, readily at hand.

One very cool innovation is how the new Gmail UI exposes attachments. When you choose the default “Display Density” you can access email attachments directly from the message list, without the need to open up the email thread. Before you would have to:

  1. find a thread with a paper clip (and hope it's the right thread)

  2. open the thread

  3. find the message

  4. scroll down the message to check the attachments

With Gmail's new UI the process is simply:

  1. find the attachment directly on the message list

New Gmail Makes Attachments Pop and Easily Accessible

The new interface is a significant productivity gain, especially for those of us who deal heavily with email attachments.

Of course, this great feature is of little benefit to those of us accustomed to receiving attachments as cloud storage links (ex. Box, Egnyte, OneDrive), because cloud storage links aren’t email attachments.

So this is where mxHero, when combined with Gmail’s new attachment UI, really shines! One of mxHero’s signature features is the ability to detect cloud storage links in the body of an email and attach a small PDF that simply re-lists those links, but also creates the paperclip. This small feature is a huge benefit as you can see in the image below. By creating the paperclip, mxHero helps contextualize the sending of attachments via cloud storage links to the email paradigm.

Emails with Cloud Storage Links — with & without MxHero

Now, not only can recipients of cloud storage links in email quickly identify which emails have them, they can easily get to the files they link to. Clicking on the cloud_links.pdf Gmail instantly previews the cloud storage links that are in the email. Like attachments, no need to dig through email messages to find files:

Gmail preview of mxHero cloud_links.pdf — quick & easy access to cloud storage links

In summary, the new Gmail UI and mxHero make a great combination for users of cloud storage. Finding and accessing cloud storage links sent through email has never been easier.

Thanks Team Google for continuing to drive email innovation! :)

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