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Business Continuity: A Content Perspective

The Enterprises of Tomorrow will ensure business continuity and security are at the forefront of their unstructured data strategies for the 21st Century

Enterprise senior executives have a daunting challenge when addressing their firm’s growth strategies. In hyper-growth mode, firms will need best of breed technology to fuel their organization’s innovation, culture and success in the market while in parallel other challenges will need to be addressed including enterprise security and business continuity plans. While business continuity plans involve a seemingly vast array of considerations including natural disasters, security threats, staff changes, IT system failures, supplier solvency, negative media, global market upheavals, and other unforeseen events, a look into the future of work highlights a few near-term actions the Enterprises of Tomorrow can undertake to mitigate or even eliminate some of these threat vectors.

According to a recent report by the Business Continuity Institute, Cyber attacks (53%) followed by data breaches (42%), continue to be the top concerns for business continuity and resilience professionals for the third year running (Horizon Scan Report, 2018). According to research conducted by the University of Texas, only 6% of companies suffering from catastrophic data loss survive. Some 43% of these firms never re-open and some 51% of impacted organizations close within two-years (Armstrong, 2007).

Source: BCI Horizon Scan Report 2018

As such, the need for a comprehensive continuity plan is critical for the Enterprises of Tomorrow. Thankfully, technologies such as Box’s Cloud Content Management platform and solutions like mxHero’s Mail2Cloud ( provide solutions to meet today’s business velocity objectives while addressing some of the key challenges inherent with business continuity and security. With Box, enterprises are afforded a single collaboration-first platform with which to securely manage their enterprise content — all from the cloud. While having an organization’s content within Box offers serious advantages including security, collaboration, and enterprise workflow automation, a key question remains which is “what about the content that today resides in email?” Thankfully, firms like mxHero with its intelligent Mail2Cloud platform have addressed just this issue. According to recent studies, some 40% of enterprise content resides within the email paradigm. Like it or not, social platforms such as Facebook’s Workplace, Slack, Salesforce’s Chatter, Microsoft’s Yammer and others have not succeeded in fully disrupting the email paradigm for most enterprises. The fact remains; email is the single most ubiquitous Internet communication technology with some 2.8 billion users as of 2018 and expanding at a rapid pace (Radicati, 2015). What if we could automatically move inbound and outbound email attachments out of email, automatically route that content into a single and secure collaboration platform like Box ( and afford users all of the benefits of that platform’s potential including security, search, workflow automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and collaboration? With mxHero, the art of the possible has in fact been addressed. By automatically capturing bi-directional email-based content attachments and auto-replacing them with secure Box links, the Enterprises of Tomorrow lock-down their unstructured data, secure their vital email content attachments, reduce their storage costs, improve their network efficiencies and reduce the threat vectors inherent with email and drive a significant business continuity objective all in parallel. Furthermore, mxHero’s Intelligent Mail2Cloud Platform is able to achieve these aims without requiring end-user software, no training is required, adoption is ensured, and users use email the same way they do today. In short, we let the software do the work. If every email in an organization had a secure link to its content payload, no breach event would expose sensitive enterprise attachment-based content to malicious parties. Business continuity is a vital and important consideration for the Future of Work and with platforms like Box’s Cloud Content Management (CCM) solution combined with mxHero’s Intelligent Mail2Cloud platform, significant content security and business continuity objectives are achieved. While force majeure will always present unforeseen challenges to global enterprises, when it comes to an enterprise’s email-based unstructured data, the art of the possible is here.

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