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Email Retention Governance Strategies: mxHero with Box CCM

Box Governance is a powerful tool for content retention. By implementing the appropriate optimizations, MxHero has extended Box’s capabilities to email content by ensuring that retention periods apply not to the date of upload but to the date of the email.

The last several years has seen a pronounced increase in business adoption of cloud storage services. Now called cloud content management (CCM), these platforms are rapidly replacing a number of legacy systems previously used to manage corporate files, such as, document management solutions and network file servers. Given that nearly 40% of an organization’s content is in email, it doesn’t surprise that companies are increasingly looking to consolidate their email borne content to CCM as well.

Advanced CCM platforms, like Box, currently offer the ability to set retention and legal holds over content stored in their cloud. This capability is extremely relevant when that content is email. Email has long been one of the most regulated assets within an organization. Specific email retention regulations apply to healthcare, financial, legal and education — to mention a few industry verticals. As such, a large market for solutions exists to cater to these email regulatory requirements. With the increasing sophistication of governance offerings by leading CCM vendors, companies can now better leverage their CCM investment by including email governance as yet another point of consolidation within their cloud content strategies.

Technologies like mxHero “understand” email content and adapt it to Box retentions policies

Key to using CCM governance on email content is to ensure that policies like retention can be applied correctly. Currently, CCM platforms like Box apply retention policies from the date in which the email is uploaded and not the date of the actual email. For example, a 7 year retention policy applied to a five year old email, would result in 7 years of retention, even though that email should only be retained for 2 more years. As a result, organizations run into risks of over retention if additional precautions are not taken. Technologies like mxHero “understand” email content and adapt it to Box retentions policies. Using mxHero, the aforementioned email would automatically get the correct 2 year Box retention setting.

Cloud content management services are rapidly changing the IT landscape and unleashing greater efficiencies and security. Through judicious application of their many capabilities, organizations can maximize the benefits of these powerful CCM platforms.


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