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mxHero Addresses Core IT Cyber-Security Themes via Mail2Cloud

Updated: May 28, 2020

MxHero leverages an organization's existing cloud content storage investment to bring transparent security to the number one cyber-security threat vector

Cyber-security threats are real. With the explosion of IoT connective devices and an API-enabled infrastructure, a firewall single-solution mentality for the enterprises of tomorrow is no longer a viable protective mechanism as organizations combat cyber-security threat vectors. It’s just too complex. Enterprises also cannot fully rely on the judgment or success of training programs or end-user interventions to fully solve these challenges. A ‘stack based’ approach to enterprise security is a more tenable target for information security experts whose aim is to ensure security at every threat vector within their enterprise IT stack of solutions and content management platforms.

At mxHero, we cannot fully solve for the entire suite of security challenges organizations face but we can address some of the highest organizational challenges with security via our Mail2Cloud Intelligent Platform solution. Within our organization, we spend every waking moment seeking better ways to improve the success of our enterprise customers and security themes are at the top of our product’s priority list. As such, we’ve elected to do one thing — and to do it very well.

With Mail2Cloud’s Intelligent Platform, organizations are able to address the #1 threat vector in the enterprise IT eco-system namely, emails, by leveraging their existing investments in cloud content storage (e.g. Box, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Egnyte). Email and email attachments place organizations at a high degree of risk as we’ve seen with the latest round of security threats pertaining to virus-borne attachments and attachment malware. Hackers know once they breach an organization’s email system, they can also capture the valuable and often intellectual property laden attachment content and weaponization of the email payloads is then a viable possibility for ill-intended actors. As such, email for all of its ubiquitous promise, places organizations at risk. By some estimates, the 2018 global-cost for IT security breaches topped $1.3 trillion (USD) in impact with email users and employees as perhaps the ‘weakest link’ in the entire stack.

MxHero automatically replaces inbound email attachments with secure cloud storage file preview links. Potentially malicious files accessible only via secure web preview prior to download — mitigating risks of exposure to user devices (including mobile) while minimizing need for end user vigilance.

As companies seek out a beyond the firewall approach to information and content security, it’s vital that these solutions address the security concerns at the point of attack vector AND that they do not fully rely on the end-users to be the source or point of intervention for those same security threats. At mxHero, our Intelligent Mail2Cloud platform allows organizations to quickly and seamlessly (often taking only minutes to deploy) address one of the highest security threats in their eco-system: email and email attachments. Through a centralized rule-based administrative panel, organizations can quickly define a proactive set of rules whereby emails and their corresponding attachments are ‘automatically’ uplifted into backend cloud and hybrid content security platforms and replace the attachments with secure links accessible only to those with authorization — often under two factor authentication protocols. Since the payloads within email are auto-extracted based on business rules, the end-users do not have to worry about the attachment security, content retention rules or collaboration constraints, they undergo no training requirements (the software handles it for them), and there is no end-user software to install. Furthermore, mxHero has just released a capability to auto-add email password protections to targeted content payloads further extending the security capabilities around internal and externally shared content fueling collaboration while also addressing vital security themes.

MxHero automatically replaces email attachments with secure cloud storage links. Link security preconfigured centrally and the entire process requires no effort on the part of the user while working for every device (desktop, laptop, mobile, scanner, etc.)

For enterprise software, it’s always an exploration around value proposition. That is, for $x spend, am I adding value to my organization’s ability to collaborate, to share content, to reduce or eliminate process friction and can I deploy these new solutions while enhancing my security, reducing overhead around implementation and change management? If the answer is yes, there is a real possibility that the solution will be a game changer for the enterprises of tomorrow and at mxHero, we believe our new product releases for Mail2Cloud achieve or exceed these goals. Despite all of the other organizational advantages of using mxHero, addressing all of them while offering our clients an improved security model against threats is a key ROI for our customers. When it comes to our content, these are risky times. When it comes to innovation, these are the most exciting times and mxHero intends to stay on a path of offering these collaboration, workflow and enterprise-security advantages to our valuable customers. The future of work has to be innovative and secure, we’ll address both!

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